Sunday, 30 March 2014

From a friend who was also treated abominably by the Hales exclusive brethren

In his late ‘60’s, already widowed and terminally ill withMyelofibrosis, he lived just four doors away from his PBCC brother, sister-in-law and nieces.  He had been a member of the PBCC all his life, having been brought to their meetings as a child by his mother, had married and gone on to have three children in the cult, two of whom remain members.  I am the third.  A member until age 32, I could no longer stand thedeceit , hypocrisy and lies and left.  I left approximately a year after my father.  I had witnessed the assassination of his character by a then fellow member of the PBCC and had already seen my mother pass away aged 62, deeply unhappy at the way she herself had been shamefully treated by cult priests.  On questioning PBCC priests about my father’ssituation, they actually attempted to drag him back into their fellowship, by telling the congregation that ‘the Lord had come in for him’.  In reality, he had no desire to return, so they shame-facedly had lie to the 400 assembled about his non-appearance.

Now living alone in what can only be described as squalor, my father was studiously ignored by his own neighbourbrotherHe neither called, phoned nor showed any interest. PBCC rules require that ex-members are totally shunned.  As his condition deteriorated we felt fortunate that we too had left the cult, as we were able to care for him in his last days.  

When he died, I informed my two sisters, who asked if a ‘handful’ of fellow PBCC members could attend his burial. I agreed. Two days later they phoned to ask where his body was, as they wanted to take it. I refused to answer that request.  On the day of his burial, my wife, daughter and I, along with a lady friend of my father( and her son) were astounded to find around 40 PBCC members already at the graveside.  On arrival of the hearse, several male members of the PBCC roughly shoved the undertakers to one side and proceeded to remove the coffin from the car.  We looked on in horror, asoutnumbered by cult members we were forced away from the graveside.  My father’s lady friend approached the graveside with flowers as the coffin was lowered and she was chased away by a PBCC priest, shouting at her ‘No flowers, no flowers’.

We returned to the cemetery after the PBCC had left and were able to conduct our own little service of sorts, which was scant recompense for the utter humiliation we had endured and the disrespect we had witnessed.

And they claim to show compassion?


  1. Disgraceful. The Brethren should hang their heads in shame.

  2. Who paid the undertakers?


    1. For reference, the undertakers were paid by the third member of the family, who wrote this piece. He was 'out', his father was 'out', why would the Exclusive Brethren (as they were known then) wish to interfere or have any further dealings? At least he gave his two 'in' sisters the courtesy of a phone call telling them that their terminally ill father had passed away, something the Exclusive Brethren cannot be relied on to reciprocate in similar circumstances.

      The saddest aspect of it all is that neither his two 'in' daughters nor his 'in' brother just 4 doors away, showed any hint of charity or compassion as his health progressively weakened, though felt quite happy to desecrate his funeral and intimidate the few who had actually cared.

    2. Thank you. May be it's only a part story
      I realize those close would be in a bereaved state and preoccupied, but I wonder if the undertakers had a contractual obligation to the third member who paid and they should take his instructions

      If they did not, then their fee should be reclaimed along with bad publicity for them
      If the EB did not accede, then the police could possibly be called

      Whatever, the press could be involved, to give the EB the bad publicity they deserve, and the cemetery owners notified so that they refuse all EB involved burials


    3. Hi Thomas

      I am the person who negotiated with the undertakers regarding my father's funeral. What makes you think this is 'only a part story' ? The undertaker, a lay preacher himself who I had personally asked to commit my father's body, was actually a business customer of mine and from that day forward I never heard from him again. More evidence of harm and detriment caused by the PBCC. When will they realise an audit is required and compensation should at least be offered?

  3. Absolutely disgusting behaviour. And sadly the EB will see nothing wrong with their actions. Totally divorced from even the basics of Christianity. So, so glad to have escaped.