Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bruce Hales & his henchmen would like to think that they have secured charitable status in the UK for the recently rebranded PBCC but, they're certainly not out of the woods yet

The matter of detriment and harm caused by the Plymouth brethren Christian church has not yet been addressed as it ought, furthermore those in positions of responsibility in the UK such as Garth Christie, The Hazells, William Hathorn, Oliver and Garth Woodcock, Neil Purdom, Jim Turner, Bruce Robertson ,John and Mark Hynd, Peter Trevvett, Eddy Fishwick, et al. all jointly and severally refuse point blank to enter into any communication regarding this pertinent issue.

Peter Trevvett even has the discourteous temerity to say;
' I can't talk to you' then proceeded to  hang up the telephone!

Ultimately of course the whole situation rests squarely on the shoulders of Bruce D Hales the self-styled 'man of God'. He in a typical dictators role however sits tight in his bunker guarded by his personal household division of thuggish bodyguards.

Many recent and up to date major violations of the terms of the decision have been recently reported and in each case the CC state; As you know the Preston Down Trust is now registered as a charity and the Commission will monitor and regulate it into the future.


If you wish to report a concern about a charity please see our guidance on our website via the link below. This provides information about the type of concerns we may consider and the information we require in order to do so. 

For reference the full decision document can be viewed here; http://www.charitycommission.gov.uk/media/591398/preston_down_trust_full_decision.pdf

It's highly likely that this debacle will end up in the UK Courts next year unless a full independant audit of detriment & harm caused by the PBCC takes place promptly, with appropriate reparations made.

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