Friday, 28 March 2014

BDH Detroit February 2014

"That is the mystery.  That is what God has here in some sense in an unseen way; just enough of it, just enough to be recognised and seen.  Of course, our meeting rooms are very beautiful halls.  Our churches have got to be the best, I'm convinced of that.  I haven't been to too many, I mean, outside ones.  But our meeting-places have got to be, got to be the best.  We know that when we bring worldly people into them- no, no, no, we're all worldly, it's just these are the non-community ones, you know.  Just a sort of a diplomatic softening way of identifying groups.  But the provision now, the meeting rooms we have are a wonderful provision, it's part of the mystery.  And the way we're arranged in circles.  See, you have to have designation of rows.  One has often thought about it, one has sat in every position, the question is, can you still feel part of it, and still get fed, and still get ministered to, wherever you're sitting in the meeting room?  And that's what, that's part of the mystery too, that's the mystery."

Elsewhere BDH goes on about the mystery, Feb11th2014:
"...I was thinking of this matter, just of this idea of hiding, you know, the hidden position linked with the mystery.  I think that's what's come out in this recent conflict, that what couldn't be overcome, and what couldn't really even be understood by persons that we were dealing with, having to do with, was the mystery.  But it was, it's reality, it means that we're, our life is related to an unseen world, and that's a mystery.  And that's what overcomes the enemy, that's what defeats the enemy entirely.  So when you're dealing with persons it doesn't really matter too much whether they've got any claim to Christianity or they have no claim to Christianity, and they may be just godless carnal men, and yet they'll make way for you, they will give you what you want.  Why?  Because we have the understanding of the mystery, and Satan is defeated by it.  The power of the mystery as the hiding of God's power is the power for defeat of the whole present age.  And we're in the great privileged position of where it's been opened up for us."

There's also some 'wisdom' about talking to journalists, the evils of hierarchies(!!), Obama is a good president, swimming pools, the international situation (France weak, Britain weak, Germany weak tho we're thankful for a God-fearing president there, US is strong(, how to pray for the Ukraine situation, bla bla bla.  Good grief, he's full of himself.


  1. 'So when you're dealing with persons it doesn't really matter too much whether they've got any claim to Christianity or they have no claim to Christianity'

    Sums BDH up for me. It's all about money now. Christianity means everything to me.

  2. What he is talking about is a mystery! Is this meant to be bible teaching?

  3. Worldly people ...whoops we're all worldly!Just in case the CC read this.

  4. It's a mystery to me!