Sunday, 9 March 2014

BBC1 The Big Question today at 10am

It may be worth tweeting or sending a question regarding the third question posed?


  1. Today’s BBC broadcast on The Big Question illustrated among other things that the Hales Brethren are wrong to claim that their doctrines are essentially the same as those of the Church of England.

    Take for example the comments of the Rt. Rev. John Davies, Bishop of Swansea and Brecon. Nicky Campbell asked him about those who take a literal view of the Bible, and asked if that can be dangerous for children.

    The Bishop replied, “It worries me immensely.”

    A few moments later he said, “You only need to look at the history of the present day to see where fundamentalism can actually lead people.”

    He described the religious education he had received as a child at school in Wales. “There’s the Bible, you swallow it hook, line and sinker, and if you don’t believe that then you know where you are going.”

    He finished by saying, “To actually force feed and indoctrinate young children with some of the rubbish, quite frankly, that Accelerated Christian Education produces, I think is wicked.”

    Accelerated Christian Education is a fundamentalist curriculum used in thousands of schools in over 100 different countries. The contents and emphasis of the curriculum seems to me no worse than what the Exclusive Brethren have traditionally taught their children, and in some ways a lot better. So if the Bishop thinks it is wicked to indoctrinate young children with it, I am sure he would regard Exclusive Brethren religious education as equally wicked, or worse.

    The Bishop also had positive things to say about how we ought to learn from the Bible, and particularly from the ministry of Jesus. He expanded on the verse, “He that has seen me has seen the Father,” as a kind of antidote to fundamentalism.

  2. A different point of view: http://leavingfundamentalism.wordpress.com/2014/03/12/believe-im-going-to-hell-youre-either-insincere-or-dont-care-pick-one/