Sunday, 2 March 2014

A new Hales exclusive brethren related blog



  1. Marion,

    Well done for having the courage to make a public record of your experiences of the Exclusive Brethren known from 2012 as Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.

    It is easy to see how some consider the PBCC / EB to be the modern equivalent of the Pharisees of the Bible. The PBCC really are the epitome of an extreme sectarian separatist group.

    Even when family members are genuinely Christian, if they leave the PBCC / EB they are treated as Apostates, Iniquitous and Unfit to Eat or Drink with, because in the PBCC / EB’s view, being inside the sectarian walls of the group is the only place a Christian should be.

    The damage the PBCC causes to family relationships is astonishingly unchristian and furthermore they divide the Body of Christ by refusing to eat, drink, fellowship, worship or sit at the Lords Table with any other Christian in any other Christian Church.

    We’ve also experienced the effects of “Separation” at the grave side of relatives being buried.

    - PBCC / EB refusing to attend the burial service of non member close relatives from outside the group, even when the close relative is a father or mother !. PBCC / EB then attending the graveside of said relatives, but keeping a good distance away and refusing to speak to any non member grieving relatives !

    - As non members, not allowed to attend the burial service of relatives who died inside the PBCC / EB, but allowed to attend the graveside. However, no PBCC / EB relatives spoke to their non member relatives. All PBCC / EB kept to one side of the grave, with non member relatives and family on the other side of the grave at a distance ! It appeared as though the grave itself was used as a physical separation barrier ! with PBCC / EB just glaring at the small group of non member relatives gathered on the otherside of the grave. The atmosphere was terrible, really tense.

    The lack of basic Christian love and compassion in the PBCC / EB is extraordinary and the lack of understanding about basic bible teaching is also extraordinary.

  2. Reading this story as it unfolds each day on http://maz63.blogspot.co.uk is truly awful The ongoing wilful deceit and obfuscation by HEB/PBCC members is truly disgraceful. They should hang their heads in shame.