Sunday, 9 February 2014

Would Percy Lyon turn in his grave or would he buy a pair of 'cult built' cuff links?

'Mighty PL' who stated that the Exclusive  brethren were heaven's aristocracy might be surprised to see his great nephew (and fully paid up PBCC member) advertising his wares in the Sunday Times style magazine!

For further info about Mark Lyon's cult built cuff link company click below;


  1. So we've got Pee EL, go to EL and 'ow the EL do I grow a moustache!

  2. Merely confirms my thoughts that the Exclusive brethren (PBCC Ltd) are more worldly and materialistic than the ordinary folk that they despise. I see the website has helicopter coordinates in case any one wants to drop by. Fascinating to see all the "worldly" connections with racing, and so on; especially as I heard of someone who was thrown out for flying model aircraft!

    Would be glad if the Minister for Misinformation, Mr Tosh, could come on and give us some insight into how the matter of the model aircraft links with a Ferrari, in our time, so as to speak; also what would be the gain in having advertisements placed in a pipeline of filth, A Sunday newspaper - and the magazine supplement, to boot!

    Glad to see that Mr Lyon is giving his womenfolk some involvement in the business; give credit where it's due; but hope that's not just a token for the purposes of revenue retention.


    1. So does he have the Lyon's share or are there shares to be had in Lyons?

      Minister of Revenue and Finance

  3. Is the lady with the bag, in the photo, carrying the duty free supplies for The Man of Grog??


  4. I am impressed with Mark Lyon’s choice of career, far removed from the usual occupations of Hales EBs – accountant, or salesman. It must run in the family because in the 1911 Census Mark’s great uncle, George Earnest was listed as Motor Engineer, Instructor of driving, and Mark’s grandfather, Arthur Anderson, was Mechanical Engineer, MIME, engaged in literary work on engineering. (I assume Arthur Anderson was his grandfather as AAL was his father).

    As to whether Percy Lyon would be turning in his grave if he knew about Mark’s business ventures, I am sure he would be. Percy was someone who enjoyed staying with wealthy brethren and being comfortable, but although he personally was well off he did not advertise the fact. When he married in 1951 his car was a small grey coloured Standard 8 vehicle, engine size about 1000cc. He kept this car for over 10 years until W Bruce Hales advised him to buy a bigger one. Percy Lyon would be dead against the money making ministry that has taken over that group of brethren, now called PBCC Ltd. He would not fit into the current hierarchy as led by BDH, because he was a man of a different spirit. Yes, he was 100% in support of the brethren, but if you listened to him particularly if he was speaking in a place outside the UK, he had his own ministry which was a medley of JND, JBS, FER and JT Snr. He had nothing but scorn for people who worshipped wealth.


  5. "Is the lady with the bag, in the photo, carrying the duty free supplies for The Man of Grog??


    I resemble that remark!