Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Vomit inducing tosh

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Vomit-making tosh. I want my family back - this 'wonderful' so-called PBCC 'church' took them off me when as a teenager I said I disagreed with some of their doctrine and practices. The Hales Excl Brethren care NOTHING about keeping families together, when any tiny part of that family doesn't toe their cultish line. These documents are so disgustingly misleading they make me physically sick. Low divorce rate amongst them? - they're not ALLOWED to divorce or separate, unless for some extremely rare reason the leader has given his consent (or in some cases, DIRECTED the couple to separate because one of them is expressing some level of dissent about Brethrenism). The PBCC marriage and family policy IN REAL LIFE, is full of vileness.

I speak as an ex-member who willingly walked out of my EB parents' home as a small child, along with my siblings, for an indeterminate period of time - possibly forever - because my parents were deeemed by the local 'priests' to be in need of Assembly Discipline. Don't you tell me the family bond is strong! - even the littlest child in the HEB knows they always have to truly put the Brethren's decisions about anything and everything, first. 


  1. Did you know that Roy Symington, BDH's special little buddy is a divorced man (his ex-wife and kids are all out of the Peebs). What a shining example to send around the world as a special emissary of the great man!

  2. Did he not also spend time in prison (please correct, if I'm wrong) If so, what was the offence.

  3. Well said Lauren. As I may have said somewhere before, to date I have read this sort of nonsense and shrugged and dismissed it with "what a load of bollocks!" But this series is making my blood boil - the dishonesty of the whole thing! But then I thought - who are these documents produced for - and who is reading them? Probably no-one? And I can't see how peebs can be encouraged to read anything from this series, or they will be asking "Why can't I work for the BBC? Why can't I be an accomplished scientist?" Seems they are walking a fine line. Maybe they are just producing this to wind up readers of this blog!!

    1. That leaves the Charity Commission as the only logical recepient .... Ah, the reasoning of the natural mind...it simply cannot grasp the divine Mystery...