Monday, 10 February 2014

The Tuesday night meeting for prophetic ministry and the new 'plan B'

From an insider "if visitors (non PBCC members) turn up on a Tuesday night, make the two words become preachings" and, "Paul is Prime Minister and President of our Commonwealth."


  1. Of our Common Wealth

  2. In 32 years of sitting in the meeting on a Tuesday night, I can't say I ever heard anyone say anything 'prophetic'. Just hours and hours spent waiting for someone to warble on about what they heard the leader say LAST week. Pathetic, not prophetic.

  3. If this report is accurate, then its no wonder the Hales Exclusive Brethren aka PBCC have been so keen to ingratiate themselves with MP’s & others, in order to peddle such a false façade to curry favour with key people, all in the name of “money” but using the cover of a “christian church” to do so ! .Its no wonder some MP’s & others have been duped and deceived if this is the depths the Brethren will plumb, to cover up their real practices and doctrines.

    “make the two words become preachings"

    The prophetic ministry meeting on Tuesday nights has never been about “preaching” in the normal Christian sense of what that word means (ie, preaching the good news of the Gospel of Christ), they are always about a particular agenda. That agenda could cover the latest “matter”, or “exercise” (in non brethren speak, a scandal), or it could cover the current words spoken in recent three day or fellowship meetings by the clique of “ministering brothers” or the “Man of God” (in non brethren speak, self appointed elders, or the Universal Leader), or it might be a local brother with a particular axe to grind, often against those sat in front of him.

    All of it would be about reinforcing current and past ministry (in non brethren speak, edicts from ministering brothers & the MOG), which either has non biblical basis or twists the Word of God to suit an agenda.

    "Paul is Prime Minister and President of our Commonwealth."

    Only those who know the Hales Exclusive Brethren aka PBCC would understand when the Brethren refer to “Paul” it is crucial to find out the context and meaning of “Paul”. They most often mean Bruce Hales the current universal leader, or so called “Man of God” (MOG). A key doctrine is that the current MOG is the “Paul of our day”, or “our Paul”. They are taught, (without any substantiating evidence), of apostolic succession from the Biblical Apostle Paul through to JN Darby, FE Raven, James Taylor, etc, through to current leader Bruce Hales. Anything the MOG says, or any edicts he issues must be obeyed by the flock, it is treated as authoritative on the same level as Scripture. So to avoid the usual fawning and deference to “our Paul”, which their consciences must be embarrassed about, it now seems they wish to deceive outsiders as to the true practices & doctrines by referring to “Paul” ( in other words Bruce Hales), as “Prime Minister and President of our Commonwealth” !

    This deception can only last if outsiders don’t ask too many questions, or carry out indepth research and the Brethren are banking on the fact MP’s and others just take what is said at face value

    This is why in these blogs and when speaking to others, I always try to refer to the real Paul of the Bible as the “Biblical Apostle Paul”, to limit possibility of confusion

  4. The HEB also used to refer to 'Titus'. I heard Henry Magahy referred to as 'Titus'. JHS proved he didn't have a clue when he backed HM as his most trusted man. The sad truth is that none of the PBCC are trustworthy, do one thing today but not tomorrow.

  5. Hours of wasted time waiting for someone with something supposedly "prophetic" to stand up and give a word on Tuesday night. Thank goodness I no longer have to waste my time in this manner and I don't think many "worldly" people will waste much time heading for the hills once they realize what this group is all about.

  6. The only thing prophetic about the ministry meeting was my prediction as to who was going to give the words. It seems so long ago for me now, it's hard to believe the same old routine is still happening out there. You poor people!

  7. It was a good place to catch some zzzzzz's so that we were well rested and could spend the rest of the evening at someone's house with a group of young people playing guitars and singing (btw - not hymns). It was the only thing we had to look forward to. No doubt this kind of fun has now been banned.

    1. Long banned, lucky fyou