Monday, 10 February 2014

The PBCC Hymn Book

The latest version includes a number of somewhat lamentable dittys from leaders and as always is available in 'ruby and minion'.


  1. Has ANYONE, even one single person, seen a change in the policy of separation since the Charities Commission case last month? I for one, have not. No phone calls, no visits, emails, texts, letters, or anything from my family. When I email them with family information - no reply. When I phone around once a month I get a pleasant yet stilted conversation, but so many subjects are off limits. I didn't notice any change this month from all the years that I have been phoning home.I was excited yet wary and sceptical when I read the new Trust Deed, but certainly in my case I feel it has not been complied with. Please Mr Hales, if you read this blog, don't let us have to report you for 'breach', just let us have our families back for whatever time we have left on this earth.

    1. Anon 11 February 2014 12:49

      For us, the answer to your first question is, No.

      Nothing has changed and communication efforts are mainly one way streets. We have sent emails and letters and included the CC Report. There is certainly some evidence now building which the CC might use to bring a “breach of trust”. The CC made it very clear in their report of the consequences of the PBCC/EB not abiding by what they have signed up to. In the past the Commission has used Breaches of Trust to take a Charity to Tribunal, so the PBCC/Exclusive Brethren could be back where they started on 7th June 2012 !

      15. … The Commission is also satisfied that on the basis of this documentation, the Commission will be able to regulate PDT and other PBCC meeting halls against these trusts. If the trustees do not comply with the trusts, the Commission will be able to regulate on the basis of a breach of trust. If the trustees are unable to comply with and carry out the trusts, the Commission may regulate on the basis that a cy-près occasion has arisen and the trust property will be applied for charitable purposes of a similar nature.
      End Quote

      Dear Exclusive Brethren, Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, Bruce Hales, Garth Christie, Peter Trevvett et el, do you want the Commission to receive evidence of “Breach of Trust” ?

    2. Brother Rev said, " the PBCC/Exclusive Brethren could be back where they started on 7th June 2012 !"

      Could it be that the EB know that they can't change and won't change as it would be the end of their scam, their revenue stream, and the cult may collapse completely. If the phrase "You. Won't. Change. Us." is still very much alive, then could it be that spending a couple of mi££ion on effectively deferring the inevitable for a year is money well spent? They can breach away for the duration of their probationary period and still suck tens of mi££ions from the taxpayer.

  2. 'The trust only handles genuine initials' Didn't anyone know that Pollard's other name is Wiliam Andrew Nicholas Kevin Eric Robertson?

  3. Friendly emails have been sent, still awaiting replies. Dear Brethren, if you read this blog you CAN make the changes you signed to in the Faith in Practice document.

  4. 10 years + and counting since I've heard from my brother, The last time I saw or heard from him and his family was at the graveside when my mother was being buried. Of course we were not allowed anywhere near the grave until the wonderful saints had finished burying her and they made sure that the grave was completely filled with dirt. Oh such a wonderful, caring group that they are - dozens of people that I had grown up with that were too scared to talk to us. They are such a bunch of hypocrites.