Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The new PBCC business & 'Charitable' trust directory on Wikipeebia

The names and full details of all known PBCC member owned companies and trusts are being collated on Wikipeebia for reference by the Media, Parliamentarians, HMRC, and other Government departments. This will also provide a resource for potential buyers of goods and services who might wish to avoid purchasing from a Hales exclusive brethren owned company.

And here to submit details of a non listed company or trust; http://wikipeebia.com/pbcc-business-directory/

If you have details of any PBCC owned company / trust irregularities, please forward full details to us.


  1. Hi Laurie,
    I hope all the photo albums of the "priests " are also collected as documents evidencing human abuse. And/or used as part of the class action.
    I had the priest who threw me out of my family, whimpering to me that he was just a silly old man. He finally admitted to being the lead preist after a lot of hectoring About him hosting the lords serpent or MoG during church events.
    Evil, evil religiously brainwashed men.
    They should be hauled before court like a nazi criminal

  2. Only acting under orders from above....! The Nuremburg trials ruled this was not a defence.

  3. Yes they are being collected. Keep sending them in good people.

  4. Didn't Adolf Hitler have a list of Jewish businesses like this - great company to keep Laurie & co (not).

  5. A timely comment, as I was reminded, upon watching a programme, last night, about events concerning the rise of Adolf Hitler. Having failed to gain power through violence, he sanitised his organisation to gain respectability and re-branded, using PR, lobbying and slick presentation techniques. He did not believe his own hype, of course, as he told his henchmen that they would have to "hold their noses" until the opposition could be defeated and they had achieved their objectives. Now, I am sure the Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) are not guilty of violence, but I am wondering whether there is a link here with the use of re-branding, lobbying, PR and presentation to obtain objectives. This is not attractive.

    I think it not a good idea to bring Herr Hitler into the debate, and equation, as this extreme example can backfire when one is discussing issues of authoritarianism, control, subjugation, expulsions of those, who fail the party line, from their homes, families and place of work. Also, the theft of rightful family inheritance (the Nazis misappropriated all they could from those they opposed). PR, re-branding, lobbying, and the like, may have a place in business, politics, cults and so on; but surely a "church" should rise or fall, on merit, belief, loyalty and adherence of the members it serves. Perhaps the clue lies in the "business" element, mentioned above. Subsequently, we have arrived full circle back to the offending list!


    1. Notapublicbenefit - "theft of rightful family inheritance" - have you reported this to the Police?

    2. It's not for me to report to the police. Although the CC, lawyers and others might have a general interest in these matters. Interesting, you could only quip about inheritance and nothing to say concerning the other, some might argue, more serious offences. As you and I know, these are matters of morality and those concerning human rights, in some cases; the police are more immediately concerned with the function of the law. The Nazis thought they were very correct and law abiding when they appropriated Jewish family wealth (in other words, someone's inheritance). The Exclusive Brethren (PBCC Ltd) expect their adherents to hand over the bulk of their estates to the organisation. Resistance is subject to pressure, however subtle. By the way, where is the scriptural reference for misappropriation of rightful inheritance?


  6. Laurie,
    You may wish to acquaint yourself with the details of this site -
    before inciting others to join your campaign.

    1. I think you might have grasped the wrong end of the stick, Anon. Where is it that you get the idea this collation is to incite hatred? I thought the purpose was more to do with the multi-generational Halesian lack of scruple as to church involvement with/control over Brethren businesses, combined with the more recent 'BD' Halesian aptitude for ripping off taxpayers worldwide (ergo his much-touted "global" empire) by creating so-called charitable trusts and ordinary trusts and businesses masquerading as trusts and trusts masquerading as businesses, etc.

      It's all a bit beyond this particular Bear Of Little (Business) Brain - I say to myself: Focus, One!, etc. But I think I will leave it to others in the legal, accountancy, charity, tax fields to start to make sense of BDH's convoluted but nasty little games practised as the purest minister of Christ currently on this earth. Doh.

      Where we can help Wikipeebia practically, is in contributing to the formatting of a database of known HEB businesses and trusts. Not to incite hate against them, but to bring them from their darkness into light.

  7. I see what Wikipeebia is doing here, as actually part of a much wider global initiative. For example the organisation Christian Aid have for some time now been campaigning for tax justice. They are highlighting the issue of tax dodgers who are hiding their vast profits in phantom firms, tax havens and trusts - concealing the truth about the profits they make and the taxes they owe. They say: "A global culture of financial secrecy allows some unscrupulous firms to dodge tax - and rob poor countries of more than $160bn a year."

    There are all sorts of resources and blogs on their website http://www.christianaid.org.uk/ActNow/trace-the-tax/index.aspx
    including even a pdf of prayers lol, about greater transparency and accountability in secretive companies. Here is one of the prayers, which I dedicate to the Hales Exclusive Brethren/PBCC:

    O Lord Christ, who became poor that we might be rich,
    Deliver us from a comfortable conscience if we believe or intend
    That others should be poor that we might be rich;
    For, in God’s economy, no one is expendable.
    Grant us instead the riches of love.

    from http://www.christianaid.org.uk/Images/Tax-Justice-Prayers_tcm15-72747.pdf

  8. Tax avoidance is a massive problem. A few, large, foreign based corporations are publicised, such as Amazon and Costa Coffee etc; whilst not entirely condoning them, I would be equally concerned about some smaller businesses and multitudes of Trusts. In terms of public benefit, the big Corporations are massive employers and pay through the system for their employees. Amazon, for example, can sometime yield big discounts for the financially strapped purchaser. You can sit in Costa Coffee all afternoon, with your laptop, and nobody will throw you out. They are actually more of a public benefit than many Trusts, such as the PBCC Ltd, The church of Scientology, and others, that masquerade as such.

    A small business person, or firm, avoiding tax, or a trust creation, does not benefit the wider public in any way. Tax avoidance is the route cause of many of society's ills. There is enough revenue in the system to retain a marvellous NHS, excellent schools, to provide efficient and cheap public transport, to maintain our infrastructure and support the needy at home and overseas, and so on.

    It is particularly galling when a so-called religious organisation, and business satellites, seek to minimise their responsibilities to society, and the greater good, whilst extracting what they find to be useful. The primary motivator is entitlement and greed. It would be more honest to set up a Utopian form of self sufficiency.


    1. notapublicbenefit
      with all due respect but what you have said is complete bunk. I pay all the tax I should pay and so does the business I am involved with.
      Do you not understand that HMRC actually carry out tax inspections / VAT inspections etc and they are trained professionals, not just some faceless commentator on a public blog indulging in heresy. Do you not think that they would pick up on tax evasion of the scale to which you are hinting?
      Sorry but your juicy little story is just complete fiction.

    2. Robert The anon poster at 28th Feb 16.05 is correct npb used the word tax avoidance which is different.

      Another thing, when you said - not just some faceless commentator on a public blog indulging in heresy - was that supposed to be 'Here Say' ?

      For 'Heresy' is a completley different thing and relates to belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine. Which is ironic as that is what Exclusive Brethren practice!

    3. Robert....Anon 16.05 has very kindly pre-emptied me on one of the points I was going to make regarding tax avoidance and tax evasion; I hope he has added some clarity to your confusion. I haven't discussed your personal tax affairs, nor indeed the personal tax affairs of any individual within your organisation, or anywhere else; but merely made the point that the creation of Trusts, of no benefit to the general public, are sometimes used as vehicles to avoid tax when society needs all the tax revenues available to create the services that the public seem to expect. One consideration is that a lot of effort and professional fees go into creating and maintaining these Trusts; this might be more morally and beneficially directed towards the public benefit.

      I am not too sure I understand you comment regarding a.."faceless commentator.... indulging in heresy...", that really does sound like a far juicier story than my modest contribution; this was a pedestrian comment about the status quo. Perhaps you could clarify that comment for the readers.

      Finally, I hope you now accept there aren't any hints of large scale tax evasion in my comment.


    4. Thanks Anon 16.32 for cleverly linking the "heresy" with the "here say". The heretical irony wasn't lost on me. Good job there weren't more errors. The headline might have screamed "Faceless Commentator on Public Bog Indulges in Heresy!" (Shock! Horror!) Actually, it could fit into a Tweet....


  9. Robert

    notapublicbenefit said "tax avoidance" not "tax evasion" - these are completely different things. Tax evasion is not paying tax legally due, or false accounting to avoid paying tax legally due. Tax avoidance is planning the structure of your organisation and the nature of its trading to minimise its tax liability. Normally this is legal although there is a constant battle between clever accountants and the Revenue, to variously exploit or close loopholes.
    The most common successful methods are firstly routing your business via low tax regimes (eg Luxembourg) and using inter-company loans and interest charges to reduce profits in higher tax jurisdictions. International transfer pricing is the second opportunity and the third is the use of trusts and charities.

    If you would like to know how this third option relates to the brethren I suggest you read "Behind the Exclusive Brethren" by Michael Bachelard

  10. Am I right in thinking that 'Brethren businesses' avoid much taxation like Corporation Tax by giving away profits to Brethren Charities - like 257516 - The Grace Trust: http://apps.charitycommission.gov.uk/Accounts/Ends16/0000257516_AC_20120630_E_C.pdf who own trading subsidiaries called Onefocus EU Ltd ( Now called UBT (EU) Ltd and Technoa SAS. Am I right in thinking this is compulsory with UBT Accountants ensuring this? Or is this just rumour, or is it through a more circuitous route? Robert can you enlighten us?

  11. Anon - I cannot speak for others but I know that the business that I am involved with ploughs all the profit back into the business. Trust this helps clear that one up.

    1. Robert, No it does not clear it up at all !, because the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church is also a business !

      Plymouth Brethren Christian Church registration details are as follows :

      Name –
      Plymouth Brethren (Exclusive Brethren) Christian Church Limited

      Address –
      Chelwood House, Cox Lane, Chessington, Surry
      Web: www.plymouthbrethrenchristianchurch.org

      Business Activity –
      (SIC code 47610) Retail sale of books in specialised stores

      So which business do all the profits get ploughed back into ?

      Another thing to bear in mind is that we’ve all seen details of the infamous UBT 2011 Universal Business Questionnaire !

      You know, the one that was so invasive and caused such annoyance amongst Brethren business owners that it prompted a UBT retraction letter signed by Man of God of the PBCC & Minister of The Lord in The Recovery (Leader / Pope of your church) Bruce Hales

      So we all know the type of financial control wielded by UBT

      Another thing to bear in mind is that we’ve all seen details of the UBT organised Business Seminars, which elders of the PBCC run and operate.

    2. Robert, most if not all businesses put the nett profit back into the business.
      What about gross profit? Are donations made to EB organisations?
      Are expenses claimed for EB services/advice/products/donations?
      Even if legal, they may not give good monetary value and do affect the the bottom line and therefore the Tax Liability
      Robert Rain

  12. Maybe the full stop got in the way in Robert's comment; perhaps it should read..."ploughs all the profit back into the business trust..."


  13. I am saddened to read the polemics surrounding the business dealings within the Brethren Community. I am sure that some mistakes have been made that have impacted horribly on individuals and their families. However, I have never found it to be the case that there is any single community on the global theatre where even worse things do not happen- and regularly at that. I come from an ethnic minority background and bear witness to such shortcomings. On the statistical balance of inimical occurrences within the psychosocial sphere I find the Brethren to be making a major contribution to the evolving state of humanity. On the one side we have chaos and mutilations in the Middle East, these very same blowing themselves up within civilised communities around the world. On the other we have more subtle horrors perpetuated within so called civilised countries such as UK, Europe etc. It is absolutely gross to compare what is happening within the Brethren with terrorist regimes such as Hitler's or some modern version of it- and there are plenty of those if one were but to look. I have had very close dealings with Brethren, both in the UK and other countries, and I can say that I found them to be extremely genteel folk who merely wish to protect their young and to flourish as a Community. I wish them every luck in their great adventure. At the same time, I know they regret their past errors and have made countless moves to put things right. But they are generally rebuffed - but thankfully, not always. I am sorry for the loss and pain many have suffered when they left the fold of the Brethren Community. Such pain cannot be written off within any kind of statistical analysis of social infractions - such a move would surely be inhuman and would immediately expel us from the ethical domain. Yet, by and large, I find the Brethren to be wonderful people - but that is just my experience and as such, it is not intended to devalue the experiences of others that could be of a far more negative nature.