Sunday, 16 February 2014

The extraordinary lengths Garth Anton Christie & his wife Fiona go to to 'nobble' Leeds City council (from the Faith that serves doc.)


  1. I guess the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church/ Hales Exclusive Brethren can afford to be generous since they've made sure that none who left their group will receive any inheritance. They should be ashamed of themselves - donating to strangers and then shouting about it from the housetops.

  2. As I know it, this was not generosity or gift
    The term used was 'planning gain', whereby in the planning process, in return for difficult planning permission being awarded, as a sweetener, an offering was made so the council could say they got something out of it
    It certainly seems like bribery

    In this case it may be they conveniently offloaded a liability they didn't want the upkeep of
    When does twisting the truth become deceit

  3. Good point; when you are building an ugly edifice, such as a PBCC Ltd Control Centre, you might need to offer a few sweeteners, even if it's a bit of unusable woodland.


    1. Do you all really think that Town Planning Officers are a bunch on numpties, let alone the Planning Committee and the hard working councillors.
      If your theory's held water then the whole countryside would be covered in Supermarkets and housing estates. No my friends, Planners are not taken in by such "sweeteners", they work to National Planning guidelines and if they step outside of that then they are wide open to getting in trouble.
      Planning gain is a term that is used but the Officers are very cautious about going down that route.
      Full credit to you all for a great story but I am afraid that is all it is - total fiction.

    2. Ok... but maybe here is an example of caution being overridden; not sure the above comment proves the point. Any way, how do you weigh a bit of woodland against PBCC harm and detriment?

      #Seymour Spinney