Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Paul Flynn on 'spoiling the Egyptians'


  1. Thank goodness that not every politician is gullible enough to believe the carefully crafted PR campaign put forth by the Hales Exclusive Brethren! You can be sure that a tiger does not change it stripes and it will only be a matter of time before their real colours will show once again.

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

    Edmund Burke

  2. Coming Soon ..................................
    How BDH personally nobbled Richard Stay !!
    In his (Beedy's) own words !!!
    mmm , this will interest the CC........................

  3. What happened to Richard's Blog? It seems he had a case of the jitters

  4. All he had to do was offer him a cup of tea and a chat with his parents, or pay out multi-millions

  5. Nooooo..........watch this blog......... : ) ... there is sooo much to tell.....
    I'll give you a clue to go on with....BDH had " compassion on him (Richard) ".
    Mmm.. one of the reasons Beedy needs to travel by private jet is probably the amount of 'compassion' he carts around , lol.
    Note: Yes those are quotation marks & yes I am quoting BDH.

  6. Bernard Jenkin MP, Chair of Parliament's Public Administration Select Committee, wanted to know how people would be convinced that the PBCC has changed. William Shawcoss, Chair of the Charity Commission, said that anyone who is unhappy about how they're treated by the Brethren should inform him and the matter will be dealt with "instantly".

    Does anyone have an address for William Shawcross?

    Be sure to copy any correspondence with Mr Shawcross to Bernard Jenkin MP at the House of Commons.