Saturday, 15 February 2014

Ongoing PBCC charitable snapshots

'Mikey' Boyt struts his stuff...


  1. These all look very contrived - not real notes they! Not a week goes by without me helping someone - maybe I should produce a booklet like this and get charitable status?
    Or and here's an idea, why don't we produce our own booklet - e.g. 19xx family of Joe Blogs torn apart by the HEB due to the fact that the father decided he could not longer go along with the extremist separation doctrines of the brethren. He has not seen his children for x number of years.


  2. These appear to be the mocked up results of the request for the membership to record any "charitable" acts over recent decades; reproduced here with a simulated, historic "tea stained" appearance; although the results resemble illustrations from "Treasure Island".

    In '83, or was it '85, or maybe '87 I started to recycle all my empty whisky bottles and saved the environment. Oh.. and I helped an old lady across the road (even though she didn't want to go) that was in '79, I think...but it's all a bit hazy now.....


  3. I am amazed at the apparent ageing of these papers. Especially some of the edges. The last Land Rover story is so obviously forged it's laughable. The paper has evidently been screwed up for years, but the writing is all perfectly lined and spaced. Also mote the one containing the date 2012 with spots of mildew on it. What do they take the general public for? Idiots?

    Have they got the one that details where the buried treasure is to be found in the Caribbean?

    1. Yo Ho Ho! and a bottle of.... er... Johnny Walker, please....


  4. Check the handwriting.

  5. The "Evidence" - Here is is and with dates too. Anything more to say?

    So who can honestly state there is no history of charitable works by the PBCC?
    If I'm not mistaken, they have tended to blend into society and it is therefore not surprising their good deeds amongst our communities have remained largely unnoticed. God notices every good work or act of kindness.
    I see these people to be very like many other Christian groups, parents or families, who wish to keep their way of life as separate as possible from influences such as the media circus, violent videos and video games, violent and sexually explicit films, especially more so since the Sixties. God is a God of order and therefore we should support such Christian groups in their restraint of such a tide of chaos and lawlessness of our present age.
    Furthermore, government also have a responsibility fear God rather than men, to uphold the law and all Christian principles. We should value and respect these splendid people of the PBCC and not be so hasty to listen to deceitful people who have no interest in doing good. Their situation has likely become fixed.
    It's very sad to note some of the comments on here are by obnoxious, selfish and lawless people. They have no interest in justice, but rather seek to justify themselves or sow unrest and misinformation. Such persons have become the enemies of the Cross of Christ. No peace for them. Not now or in a day to come.

    Leonardo J Octavianus

    1. 'It's very sad to note some of the comments on here are by obnoxious, selfish and lawless people. '

      Mr Leonardo J Octavi you are talking out of the remaining part of your surname. Watalota Tosh with a different name!

      How dare you label people who left the PBCC as obnoxious, selfish and lawless? We are the people who have suffered the detriment and harm that the Charity Commission have gone to some lengths to highlight and which the PBCC have grudgingly had to admit to. We want closure. We want apologies. We want compensation.

      I note that several PBCC members have spent time in jail recently for such things as causing death by dangerous driving and paedophilia. Hardly perfect are they? Splendid? Definitely not.

      I don't think you grasp the difference between charity and neighbourliness.

      Some us even help the people in the house that adjoins our own. PBCC members don't. They can't.

    2. L J O, it would be easier if you said where you are local

      Quote "to uphold the law and all Christian principles"

      Is Matthew ' What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate' included as a Christian principle?


    3. Dear Mr Octavious....you have been a busy bee recently! I am a little concerned that your own position has become fixed with that poor old head of yours still stuck in the sand and, therefore, you are not able to see all the good in the world around you. You paint a most salacious picture of a violent media, that is not very apparent to me, or to many ordinary families who, of course, are able to control access to such things by using their personal judgement, rather than being regimented into an organisation, to achieve the same ends. Of course many PBCC members, especially the young, are now accessing the media via their computers, so I am not sure that they are preserved from the horrors of which you speak. However, I find BBC Radio 4 to be quite illuminating and without too many corrosive effects.

      I take it that the computerised collation above is the result of the PBCC Ltd canvassing members to record all their "charitable" deeds over the previous decades; the results now being collated into simulated ancient documents. This obviously represents the best of the PBCC, but I might also suggest that for everyone of these gestures there may have been much non involvement. After all, we are talking here about all the acts of thousands of people over many decades!

      As there is not a great history of charity within the PBCC, there is some confusion between doing a good turn for someone and consistent acts of genuine charity, over time. Today, I have padlocked my worried neighbour's oil storage gate (supplying the padlock), collected up all the spilled pots and bulbs for another neighbour - and that's only today - and not a single piece of tea stained paper yet published on these remarkable acts!

      Maybe you should sustain a less condemning approach to commentators on this blog. You are so like Mr Tosh (you almost make me think you are one and the same!) You keep referring to folk, using legitimate and well-put arguments, as "obnoxious". Then there is the question of being outside of the law. I came across a comment from a PBCC member on a previous blog that told the readers that they, the PBCC, were "above" the law and that we had better get used to it! I do believe, however, the records show that some Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) members have been convicted in the courts for wrong doing and have, indeed, been lawless. Also, behaviour, such as expelling young people onto the street, and cases of child abduction, and so on, must be seen to be lawless; with, or without, convictions. I am sure there have been cases of PBCC members breaking speed limits and driving under the influence of drink - all lawless behaviour. Care should be exercised in the emotive use of such language; also, in the use of judgemental, not to say, upsetting remarks concerning people's Christian convictions, let alone different faith groups. Who are you, to judge?


    4. Sure Octavianus, and your glorious leader is living in a 12 million dollar house and driving a 200,000 dollar car. Plus the way he bullied and lied his way into power (see Bob Thorncroft's letters) - I think we know who the real enemy is.

  6. I notice that they call themselves "Brethren" or "The Brethren", and their "Meeting Halls". No mention of "PBCC" or "Gospel Halls".

    These are all fake documents created thanks to Mr Gates of Microsoft. The 'handwriting' is nothing more that a computer generated font on background templates to give the impression of being genuine notes written by the various Brethren. The same font has been used for more than one person. The events might be genuine but these snippets reproduced have themselves no autenticity - not like official documents on headed paper and signed with genuine signatures.

    These are just 'acts of kindness' which any decent individual would do. They are not charitable activities of a charity. DO THEY THINK WE ARE SO STUPID THAT WE WOULD BELIEVE THEM. Deception is in their genes and is so part of their culture that they call it 'The Truth'. We know this from out own first-hand experience.


  7. Good gracious! Someone took in their neighbour's dustbin in 1974. The generosity overwhelms.

    Don't worry about the presentation: this is on a computer. It's the content that matters.

  8. I truly feel sad for the EB. I get the impression they think they're the only people that do good works. The above stuff is simply neighbourliness. In the last week I visited a neighbour in hospital, took a neighbour to the garage, was helped by a neighbour with my toppling fence after the gales last night. This is not charity, nor evidence of charity - indeed is it evidence at all as it is totally uncorroborated?

  9. I (and probably almost everyone) have done very similar things, but I don't consider myself a charity. For most people it is normal empathy, care, kindness, support, and human decency. But I suppose when you are taught that all non-EB are unclean, defiling, worldy, sinful, unfit for fellowship, evil, and should be hated, it must feel like you are some kind of a saint if you hold your nose and help them. If all the people who did these things were charities, then there would not be very many people paying tax. I don’t think many will be convinced by their slick marketing, but the fact that the EB have invested so much money in creating this literature makes me wonder. The odd few (like Halfon) may have not done their homework, but I think most people with access to a library or the internet will see through this deceit. I believe that many of the EB UK charities could be fraudulent. For a group that has about 15,000 members, it is astonishing that some £200,000,000.00 is spent each year on charitable causes. That is more that £10,000.00 per man, woman, and child. This could equate to a charitable spend per household of more than the national average household income. They even spend about £5,000,000.00 on travel (apparently for public benefit). That is about £300.00 per head, per year.


    1. With regard to your last point Sarah, Hughes Travel Trust is the Hales Excl Brethren private travel agency, somehow still approved to operate as a charity. Come ON, Charity Commission, how blind can you be? Hughes Travel Trust even appears in Travel Agent listings in both Reading & Chessington. Oddly, in Australia, they appear as Luggage Retailers. Heaven knows what the Hughes Travel Trust offshoots in Barbados(?) and NZ categorise themselves as... Exotic Erotic Hols, Backpackers Adventure Tours, Special Needs Travel for Spiritual Edification???

      From http://opencharities.org/charities/1038566
      Year ended 31/8/12 I think...
      Charitable activities: £4.87m
      Trading £0
      Other £0

      More info about their "charitable" strategies, benefits, aims and achievements here: http://apps.charitycommission.gov.uk/SIR/ENDS66/0001038566_SIR_20120831_E.PDF

      Charity Commissioners, I really feel you are allowing the wool to be pulled here, & as a UK taxpayer it is my money you are indirectly squandering by allowing this blatant Travel Agency business to operate as a charity. IMHO the whole setup is disgustingly duplicitous... and it has been going on for years.

    2. Is the travel really subsidised for the individual? I thought that "suggested" contributions for tickets were at, or above, market rates, leaving a surplus after Hughes Travel completed a bulk purchase for the tickets.


  10. What a f***ing joke. OK I was a former (not disaffected) member and I can vouch for the fact that this is all completely false. Our pure man alcoholic boy-shagging, other man's wife comforting leader put a stop to any of us performing simple acts of kindness like those listed above. Leonardo J Octavianus, you are a complete dishonest misguided a***hole and I beg you to give me your contact details via Laurie so I can spend a couple of hours debating with you the issues you raise. Please just ask for your contact details to be passed onto 'RLS'. Thank you.

  11. It's OK everybody, you can stop digging now, I found the buried treasure me hearties, the clues were all there on the ancient manuscripts. Got more doubloons than you can shake a stick at, might go and buy myself an Audi!

  12. Good deeds done for the benefit of others are like jewels, who ever does them. I have a relative who saved the life of a small boy when his father's car was involved in a collision and then caught fire. This happened about 30 years ago. My relative was in his vehicle when he came across the accident with the car ablaze containing the driver and his son. No body was doing anything about rescuing the two in the car so my relative set about getting the door open and releasing the boy. He managed to do this successfully but couldn't help the driver who unfortunately did not survive.

    My cousin did not receive any public acclaim for his action, and he just disappeared into the background. At the time he was a member of the Symington Exclusive Brethren and some 8 years later they threw him out of fellowship, for no reason at all; in the process he lost his children and his wife, the local brethren assisting the wife to separate from him.

    It would be better if the Hales Brethren did not indulge in this self congratulation. Normal people don't do this.

    From "some one who dislikes the way the Hales EBs break up families".