Saturday, 15 February 2014

Monty's Caravan

From the Faith that serves brochure:

And from the regional coordinators notes where we learnt about Cyril D Parsons proposed outing to see the relic.

(Poor old Cyril's been hoofed out of Unispace Global too!)

This might of course be due to his involvement in shonky trusts and bizzare  managerial conduct etc.


  1. As a matter of public interest, what was Robert Halfon's advice; also, was he professionally retained by the PBCC Ltd?


  2. It should be pointed out that Field Marshall Montgomery had more than one caravan!
    Being teetotal, he would have disapproved of the current PBCC over indulgence on strong alcohol.

  3. The HEB/PBCC hierarchy actually thought it WAS important (for at least one day in January last year) that their "trusts should be working legally and consistently", according to the above document. ??!!? What on earth then is their definition of the word 'legal'... if it's as erroneous as the HEB definition of 'moral', then I think that's a fairly likely explanation for the many businesses they fondly describe as "charitable trusts". What a fraudulent outfit they are, carpetbagging off proper churches... yet all the while their main purpose is to scrabble as much money together as possible, to prop up their PBCC personality cult and its leader Bruce D Hales.