Sunday, 2 February 2014

Is it possible to apologise genuinely on behalf of others?


  1. Back in 2002 (date of letter), the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, brand had not been invented and the group was known as the Exclusive Brethren, they loved to tell those inside or outside the following stories about themselves –

    - Just Christians who followed the Bible (& therefore Jesus)
    - That corporately they were the only place where the Holy Spirit was free
    - That corporately they alone maintained the truth of the assembly
    - That JN Darby had recovered the full thought of Christianity

    It’s well known through evidence, research, study, experiences, reality, and the Brethrens own documentation and actions, that the above list is totally untrue, But, that is what they want those inside and out to believe. Bearing in mind the above list, then reading the Scanned Letter, there are some obvious discrepancies with what the Brethren claim about themselves, such as -

    - There is no mention of Jesus, or what He taught, or any reference to Him at all

    - It contains this quote “in all these things we now feel we completely misrepresented the ministry and spirit of Mr John Hales and the other Leaders in the recovery who have always been so gracious and kind towards Brethren and others they had to do with”

    - How about misrepresenting Christianity, Jesus Christ, Biblical ministry the Holy Spirit etc ! This quote just highlights who the PBCC/Exclusive Brethren do follow and its not the Jesus Christ of the Bible !

    - There is no mention of prayer, or that the Brethren have prayed about the issues

    - There is the classic apology by saying “sorry” but then followed by a personal snipe and accusation.

    - There is an admittance of wrong doing “the fact we have failed in so many ways” but then followed by complacent self justification of the Exclusive Brethrens own position by saying “does not change the recovery based on 2 Tim 2 as the right position for every believer”

    - The letter is signed off as “yours sincerely” with no Christian greeting or blessing at all, very odd

    - There is absolutely no consideration given to what “Created” all these - failures, lack of compassion, deep exercises but no action, lack of sympathy, wrongful withdrawal, outburst against visitors bringing flowers to a grave, lack of understanding of aspects of administration, failure to pay attention to concerns of brethren, etc etc

    - Until what “Creates” these unchristian behaviours is properly considered and dealt with, then there can be no change and Harm and Detriment will continue. Dear Exclusive Brethren the root cause is based in you following what “men say” rather than getting back Jesus and the Bible and becoming renewed “In Christ”

  2. The Brethren do not apologise -they write letters to cover their bottoms. They weren't even honest when they contacted hundreds of people they had dealt with wrongly - screwing their lives up irreparably - in 2003 - calling their 'mistakes' a great 'period of grace'. "We are sorry for how we treated you - but if you don't come back now and throw the life you have managed to build - away- you are dead to us again. There is no genuine sorrow, there is no genuine acceptance that they did wrong -just this imperious demand that you still do things their way. Or no way. I despise people who cannot say sorry - when they are so blatantly in the wrong. And that has been the Exclusive/Plymouth Brethren's story for decades. Any thinking person would call it delusion.

  3. But there was deep exercise among us. Surely that was enough?

  4. Did they apologise in any shape or form to the other non ex-EB members who were present, who must have wondered what the hell was going on? Bearing in mind that this was a burial arranged for an ex-member by ex-members.

  5. Errr. No. Made no attempt to find them and/or apologise. Not much public benefit in that, was there?

  6. One thing this letter does show is how out of touch with the rest of humanity the Exclusive Brethren are. Respect and human compassion have been replaced by their harsh unfeeling insistence that their physical separation from everyone else including other Christians is supported by 2 Timothy 2.
    It is to be hoped that the recent decision by the Charity Commission will bring about a fundamental review by the Exclusive Brethren of all their physical separation practices. If this is done honestly their behaviour towards those who do not belong to their church will change for the better.

    1. Pigs might fly, Gal 5.1, re change to their separation practices IMO. And of course they're out of touch with the rest of humanity! They've been a highly-insulated inward-looking personality CULT for 50 years, for crying out loud. Well that's my estimation of them anyway, having been born into the Breth at precisely the time JTjr was ramping up the me, me, me totalitarian aspect of JND's EB ideology.