Sunday, 16 February 2014

Business (from the infamous faith that serves doc.)


  1. Until now the official PBCC line has been 'there is no link between church and business'.
    Incredibly, in a full 180 degree turn, there are apparently 100's of 'Brethren' businesses now.
    It would be a miracle if the PBCC came up with one story and stuck to it through thick and thin.
    The 'Lord has turned a corner' theory, as well as being blasphemous, is a worn out excuse for all these doctrine changes.
    For the true Christian, the Lord's work is completed. It's the duplicitous PBCC church that keeps turning corners.
    As I've noted before it's the Lord the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.
    For the PBCC it was different yesterday than today, tomorrow it will change again, and who knows what will happen in the end, should this vile cult not fall to pieces before then.
    A church that pays security people to search it's own congregation is a church in trouble. A church that overfills it's halls is a major safety risk. A church that has to cancel a meeting because of a fire officer's visit has something to hide. The PBCC are a disgrace.

    1. Anon - good points but they are talking about businesses "owned" by people who are Brethren - not businesses owned by the Brethren, scuttle difference . Sorry but we will not score any real points unless we stick to the truth. Keep up the good work.

  2. Wow - this bloke got time off when his wife died. Incredible! Wish I could find an employer like this!


    1. Why, Grandpa, are you thinking of killing off Grandma?! ...Or has the HEB 'lord' not yet turned a corner on euthanasia amongst the saints?

      I'm having trouble keeping up with his corner-turning... as are certain other exEB who lost families & loved ones when they were excommunicated for having a mobile phone or computer etc, back in the day before the 'lord' Hales turned re such devices.

      It's horrendous that these exEB are STILL left cut off from their loved ones, some even were left in dire financial circumstances when they were forcibly ejected from the Breth over these now 'spurious' offences... yet the HEB seem to be doing NOTHING to repair the awful impact of their erroneous disciplinary practices.

      Paragraph 90 of the CC decision refers to the type of thing I'm on about: "In making its representations Preston Down Trust indicated that some of the allegations must be of an historic nature but did acknowledge past mistakes in relation to its Disciplinary Practices. They further demonstrated a willingness to make amends for these and to do what they could as a Christian organisation to ensure, as far as it was consistent with its religious beliefs, it would act with Christian compassion in the future, particularly in its dealings with disciplines of the Disciplinary Practices and in its relations with former members of the Brethren."

      Hellooo from thousands of still distressed and hurt exEB worldwide... The HEB/PBCC's ridiculous 'apology' to some of us during the 2002/3 review, followed by the generally unspoken: "If you don't come back to the Brethren and fully accept all our current rules, then you are unforgiving, apostate, unChristian, and we will not have anything more to do with you if we can get away with it!" ...is the most disgustingly hurtful thing, and I would not expect it even from the vilest person I can think of. Let alone a group of 44,000 people who call themselves a "mainstream Christian church".

      It is time for the HEB/PBCC to clean up the historic mess they have created amongst ex-members and their descendants. Flowering-up the outside of the current HEB does not disguise for us the ghastly mess our family relationships are in.

      R.I.P. Grandma
      (I hope you left your estate to a proper charity like RNLI, not the HEB coffers like you were 'supposed' to as a good subject peeb! Mind you, that probably still wouldn't stop the peebs siphoning it off anyway...)

    2. Re estate... members have no choice, if they don't sign in favour of the Brethren they are told they will go to a hot place and are threatened with excommunication, with the prospect of never being reunited with their loved ones, in this life, or the thereafter. This, of course, to the elderly, is frightening. I wonder they, the bladdered blubbers, don't use the rack, or thumb screws.


    3. Dear "Scothontherocks" - what you have written is complete bunk. No one is told what to do with their "estate". I know this from my own experience and the fact that one of my brothers who is no longer in the Brethren still has the same share of the inheritance as I do. (and has always done I hasten to add)

    4. Teatotal....Thank you for you kind observations. I also write from personal experience. The comment I received was "My hands are tied." I believe this to be the experience of many others. Are you suggesting that parents, in the Brethren, are given a completely free hand to leave their estates to their children, out of the Brethren, and that the Brethren executors will sign this off ? That there is absolutely no pressure, or recriminations, of any sort? The loss of inheritance has oft been repeated throughout all the information on the Exclusives (now PBCC) so it cannot be a myth. I am happy to testify that it is not.


    5. Dear Teatotal.

      You say to Scotchontherocks... what you have written is complete bunk. No one is told what to do with their "estate".

      I think that your statement above is inaccurate. I accept that your experience may not be the same as Scotchontherocks', but to describe it as complete bunk is unfair and unfounded in my view. Not having the same experience yourself does not mean that it has never happened to anyone else. I also have experiences of brethren interference with wills. One elderly couple were put under discipline for not allowing the 'priests' to go over their wills, they felt it was a private matter.

  3. Didn’t someone get a lawyer’s letter from Gallant Maxwell or Farrer complaining that they had used the term “a Brethren business” or “a Brethren Company” on a blog? Now we have a Brethren publication that uses the same or similar terms.

    “Brethren enterprises trade nationally and globally . . .”

    “Brethren businesses employ and conduct business with people who are from the wider community in an exemplary way

    The entrepreneurial character of Brethren businesses provides a significant contribution to the private sector as promoted by government.”