Wednesday, 5 February 2014

BDH's 'movements' & the JND Bible spoken on CD

San Fran 9th, Detroit 11th &12th, Kingston (Jamaica) 15th &16th, Barbados 18th &19th, St.Vincent 21st. Boston USA 22nd & 23rd.

The John Nelson Darby Bible is now available to the PBCC membership in Spoken word CD format or memory stick at an extortionate price.

Reports are filtering through from all corners of the globe that the 'Saints' had no idea about the number of scriptures that are never mentioned in either ministry or the meetings!


  1. Well being a heavy reader, I had the read the Bible through a couple of times before I was 12. I left as soon as could at eighteen. If peebs.net and wikipeebia were around and more support and less brainwashing, I would have preferred to have left at birth.
    There's a reason there's only the thicker ones left in there.

  2. The more Bible, the more they would realise how much of a cult they are in, surely. Great example of Stockholm Syndrome