Wednesday, 8 January 2014

There's no such thing as a free meal!


  1. 'No such thing as a free meal'? That's what I said when walking down Battle Road in Hastings and my girlfriend ( its OK PBCC we won't kiss or fondle till we're married) put me right. Those free PBCC burgers are even better than McDougal's. Good luck finding McDougals in Hastings by the way, even MP Amber Rudd has never heard of such an establishment. She thinks the PBCC possibly got McDougals and MacDonalds mixed up.

    Harry Trundletwerp

  2. Same old same old - heard the same thing about the eminent rapture over 50 years ago and each one of the big wigs (more commonly known as the erect vessels) have predicted that it would be in their life time. Well the big wigs have come and gone and there has been no rapture . . . brings to mind what we are told about someone prophesying and it doesn't come to pass . . .

  3. The scans of the tract published by the Exclusive Brethren aka Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC) are revealing. I don’t want to over analyse it, but it comes across as very deceitful, scaremongering and with confused objectives.

    Here are some observations -

    - It could be seen by some as a recruitment tool to “attract” people to the PBCC, in which case their proselytising needs stopping because they have ripped apart generations of families for long enough. The public should be warned to steer well clear

    - The first page of the tract contains basic bible truths, but presented in a rather contrived & complicated way. It is very possible that most of the meanings of the language / terminology / phrases, might not be understood by the average non Christian.

    - The first page of the tract contains the stunning sentence “There is no ‘catch’, no hidden or selfish ulterior motive” !! For the EB/PBCC there certainly is a ‘catch’ and a hidden and selfish motive !!!

    - Half of the second page is occupied with hyperbole, scaremongering and conspiracy theories, which is an odd thing to include in a supposed Christian tract !

    - The other half of the second page contains Bible quotes, which, to those not aware of Exclusive Brethren/PBCC practices, they might seem perfectly innocent. However, to those that are aware I will point out the following -

    a. To quote Acts 2.38 “Repent and be baptised each one of you” is deceitful as the PBCC don’t practice believers baptism. Infants are baptised without repentance and allowed to take the bread and cup at Communion as infants without repenting (as confirmed by the PBCC website) !

    b. To quote Acts 16.31 “Believe on the Lord Jesus and thou shalt be saved” & quoting Romans 10.13 “for everyone whosoever, who shall call on the name of the Lord, shall be saved” is also deceitful, as the EB/PBCC don’t believe or practice either verse, as they only believe persons can be saved if they are members of the PBCC (read Bruce Hales ministry). If they really and truly believed Acts 16.31 & Romans 10.13, there would be no need to withdraw from and separate from those who leave the group to go to another Christian Church !. There would be no need to keep separate from every other Christian in every other Christian church !. There would be no need to have a ban on eating and drinking with other Christians !

    c. To quote 2 Tim 2 on the last page “let everyone who names the name of the Lord withdraw from iniquity” is also deceitful as the PBCC don’t do that either. They never withdrew from former Man of God leader, James Taylor Junior, a womanising alcoholic found in bed with another mans wife. They practice iniquity in their extra biblical rules written in “ministry”, divide families, and divide the Body of Christ by being “separate” from it, which is also against Scripture

    - Overall its a very confusing publication. What is its purpose ? Is it to recruit people to the EB/PBCC ?, if so it’s a very deceitful publication re their true beliefs ? Is it to simply present & attract people to the Good News of the Gospel ?, in which case I think it fails. Is it to generically present the Good News without trying to recruit to the EB/PBCC hoping interested persons go to a different church group ?, if that was the case then why are addresses, website details, contact names, mobile phone numbers & times of Preachings included ?

  4. P.S. MacGregor - isn't this the same bloke that wrote another tract a few years back on the evils of computers? Is that out of print?

    Professor Flip Flop

  5. "Huge companies merging together to sway the masses of humanity" - BDH and his cronies forcing Peebs to sell their businesses to UBT?
    "Multi-billionaires using using their money to corrupt and destroy Governments and also to influence other business leaders" - BDH using the wealth he has taken from the Peebs to attempt to corrupt and influence the Charities Commission and MPs?
    Remember, the bigger the front , the bigger the back!

  6. Mr P S MacGregor will probably be interested in this chronology.

    (It’s AD 69, more than thirty years after the execution of Jesus and a decade or so after the apostle Paul’s letters, around the time that the Gospel of Mark is being written.)

    January - Otho becomes the Roman Emperor.

    Spring and early Summer - Roman campaigns in Judaea and Idumaea (Edom); fall of Hebron.

    April - First battle of Cremona (northern Italy); suicide of Otho; Vitellius becomes Emperor.

    July - Legions in Egypt and Judaea declare for Vespasian.

    August - Danubian Legions declare for Vespasian; Marcus Antonius Primus marches on Rome.

    October - Second battle of Cremona.

    December - Vespasian, founder of the Flavian dynasty, becomes Emperor.

    AD 70

    April - Titus, son of Vespasian, begins the siege of Jerusalem.

    May - Titus breaches the Third Wall, then the Second Wall. At the end of the month, Roman siege ramps against the Antonia Fortress (in the Temple precinct) are destroyed by Jewish mines and sallies.

    June - Romans construct a wall and new siege ramps against the Antonia Fortress.

    July - Titus takes the Antonia Fortress. Roman assault on the Temple Mount begins. On the 27th July, the Jews firetrapped the western colonnade of the Temple Mount and engulfed their enemies in the flames.

    August - Romans destroy the Temple and begin the siege of Herod’s Palace.

    September - Fall of Herod’s Palace.

    AD 71 - Vespasian and Titus celebrate Jewish war triumph and Romans conduct mopping up operations in Judaea.

  7. I submitted the timeline above because just over a year ago I was made aware that this group of Exclusive Brethren follows Mr MacGregor's thinking.

    The conversation I was having with a senior member of the PBCC was about the times of their meetings, but the 'brother' to whom I was speaking raised the issue that we are now living in the End Times. He was surprised when I asked him for evidence of this and he referred to the kind of events that Mr MacGregor has mentioned. I asked him how much history he knew and he wasn't sure, so I gently told him that humankind has often lived through threatening and deadly periods with an expectation that everything was going to end. It seemed to me that Jesus, who certainly lived in anxious times, had the right idea when he advised people not to claim specific knowledge of the when and where of the End.

    I recall that Bruce D Hales's father, John S Hales, felt that this group of Exclusive Brethren shouldn't study ancient history. Modern history was OK with him, though.

    I'd like to suggest that Bruce D Hales revise his father's policy and encourage his followers to become historians. It may help them understand these matters better.

  8. If the rapture is so imminent why did BDH build himself a new mansion? By the way did you know that the new house has 10 bedrooms - no bunker underneath though!

  9. Well Well, it looks like a Sectarian Cult using the cover of Christianity and lying to cover its Harm and Detriment has once again been able to dupe the authorities

    A supposed Christian group surviving based on lies, hypocrisy, misinformation, obfuscation, double speak, half truths and a wreckage of divided families is not much of a Bible focused Christian Church is it !!!

    The Charity Commission has announced that it will accept an application for registration from the Preston Down Trust (PDT) based on a revised governing document. The PDT, a Plymouth Brethren Christian Church meeting hall, has agreed to re-submit an application for registration and to amend its trusts by entering into a Deed of Variation, which sets out, in a manner binding on the trustees, the church's core religious doctrines and practices.
    End Quote


    1. So how long do we give it before the charitable acts stop while the evils of unbiblical separation continue? I suggest continuing to report the harm and detriment of this cult to the Charity Commission as part of their monitoring process.

    2. When will we see the "revised governing document" and also the "Deed of Variation"?

      I don't believe they will change their principle of separation of families (including children) one bit.


    4. I do not think we should be critical of this comment as it must be from quite a young child.