Monday, 27 January 2014

Solicitors from hell



  1. Would the Brethren not be better to get solicitors from somewhere more respectable than either Soho or Hell? Just think of all the temptations of the flesh that the Brethren will have to pass by on their way to visit Gallant Maxwell. Will they ever manage to get there safely without being ensnared by a strip club, a sex shop, a prostitute, pornography, a computer shop, a pub or a theatre? I’m not suggesting any of these is any worse than the Brethren, but they are all rival attractions.

  2. That's very attractive that Anonymous...... the devil puts these things in our path and it becomes a test of fellowship. Very attractive that. The saints on their way to set our testimony right could be attracted by the devil - tempted by the very face and body of evil. Very attractive. There have been those who have fallen by the wayside before in this area- falling into the arms of harlots and then coming to the assembly like nothing has happened. Very attractive.......

    1. You forgot to say, 'See,' see.