Monday, 6 January 2014

Smoke & mirrors

The Hales Exclusive brethren launch an alternative money laundering vehicle complete with built in Charitable Status (in Australia so far).



  1. Glossy brochure from people who think they're too holy to eat a sandwich or drink a cup of coffee with you.

    Not impressive.

  2. It makes me feel sick to my stomach to see this kind of garbage. The Hales Exclusive Brethren wouldn't consider stretching a hand out to the family and friends that they have discarded like yesterday's news but they are happy to brag about what wonderful helping citizens they are. My own mother would not even open the screen door to talk to her children who she hadn't seen in over 10 years. Wonderful Christians these are.

  3. I agree Anonymous and until the HEB realise this they should not get charitable status. Charity begins at home - but they don't let us even walk into their home.

  4. We have to respect the 2 Timothy 2 principles they adhere to.
    There is no getting away from it and it is crucial to protecting the family as God intended. However, I have actually witnessed these people's generosity to both those who have left the fellowship and those who have never known it.
    They may not be liked for sticking to their convictions, but I think on the basis of Christian principles, we should be tolerant and think kindly of them.
    As an outsider, I am absolutely confident they will continue to be recognised as a genuine charity. Be thankful these people are here instead of being such a bunch of half wits. In other words, get a life.

    Dr W Spoon

    1. To Anon 8th Jan 10.46 who signs as Dr W Spoon

      You are clearly just having a laugh in posting such unfounded unbiblical unchristian untruthful deliberate mis information.

      It may be intentional that you have signed as Dr W Spoon, as there is such a concept in the English language as a “Spoonersim” – The definition of which is as follows –

      “A spoonerism is an error in speech or deliberate play on words in which corresponding consonants, vowels, or morphemes are switched”

    2. Dr Spoon

      You say "We have to respect the 2 Timothy 2 principles they adhere to". Why? These principles are comprehensively shown to be erroneous, not found in the original text, but rather an interjection by a man with known divisive tendencies and practices. These values do not promote family life or godly living as they do not stem from God.

      That does not stop me thinking kindly of the people of the HEB/PBCC. I actually feel for them trapped into this isolated cult with a high cost of escape.

      By the way. What joke or other meaning are you trying to convey with your made-up name? I'm not ex-HEB and may be missing this subtle nuance.

    3. Perhaps Dr W Spoon could provide evidence of the Exclusive Brethren's generosity to those who have left their fellowship. There are many who can provide evidence of the inhuman treatment that has been meted out to those who have left or indeed been summarily excommunicated. e.g. teenagers being told to leave home even when they have nowhere to go and being forced to walk the streets before being given refuge by the Salvation Army ( a genuine christian charity)

    4. Dr Spoon/John Handel/Frank Carson (the not so funny one) Joseph (white shirt - no colourful coat) one in all, and all in one. I have noted details of abused families within your group, rather than family protection, unless, of course, you mean custodial protection.

      Most people, not in your group, do have lives, and far more interesting ones in that they do rather more than make money, and spend time driving around to endless meetings where, by all accounts, genuine Christianity is not to be found.

      Charity is not a concept your group understands, except as a ploy for enrichment by the public purse; this you have already raided by a system of complicated trusts where you are the beneficiaries!


    5. Dr Spoon/John Handel/Joseph/Frank Carson(comedian?)

      I thought your group damaged families rather than protect them; unless you are referring to custodial protection, of course, since most are imprisoned within your cult - trapped by coercion.

      Not too sure what your muddled last paragraph is saying, exactly, but in terms of getting a life, I suspect most folk outside of your group do have interesting lives; these are probably more inspiring than making money, rushing around in people carriers to endless meetings of fake Christianity and sitting on a sofa with a bottle of scotch and the latest ramblings of a business entrepreneur.

      The Exclusive Brethren (PBCC Ltd) have no history, or concept, of charity, other than as a ploy to obtain even more finance from the public purse than that already obtained by dubious Trusts for the benefit of themselves.


    6. "Dr W Spoon" - the 2 Timothy 2 principles they claim to adhere to, are that the LORD knows those that are His - yes that's right, "the LORD."

      Ultimately, unless the HEB/PBCC are now the Lord, they have will no idea who is His and should not judge that they do. Therefore they are breaking the principles of 2 Tim 2 by judging who is and who is not in their eyes evil and refusing to eat with them, as they also refuse to even eat with other Christians, when the Apostle Paul (who they also claim to emulate), said there is ONE Church, ONE Body of Christ and ONE baptism in Christ.

      The Biblical principles of 2 Tim 2 are to depart (or in Darby's version - withdraw) from "evil or iniquity", which in the original Greek is the word 'adikia': meaning - injustice or unrighteousness. It is clearly not and was never intended to mean anything to do with people, but with certain acts. If you do not believe me, go and read a Strong's Concordance, which is a standard and accepted Evangelical Christian reference book.

      The LORD also makes it very clear that it is HE who will do any separating, He commands the wheat and the weeds to be grown together and says HE will separate them on His return. He does the same with the sheep and the goats, saying HE will separate them out when He comes again. So it is clearly not the brethren's job to do so. I note also that this later parable comes with a clear warning, that some of those He separates out will think they have done what He asked, but that they did not, so they will be cast out for their lack of deeds... and that He expects us do these things for the least of His people, not those who already are amply provided for. Maybe the HEB/PBCC could then consider who they loudly trumpet who they are being "charitable" to...

      Until the brethren stop altering the word of God and following their own version of what 2 Tim 2 means, instead of going back to all the original writings and meanings from the oldest manuscripts and other historical texts (only uncovered after Darby wrote his own version of the Bible) and start acting like Jesus and Paul did and fellowship and worship with saints of other religious persuasions and unbelieving sinners alike, they will continue to destroy and abuse individuals, marriages and families alike, which is not loving or Christ-like.

      I pray daily for their eyes to be opened, their ears to hear the true message of Jesus and for Him to unharden their hearts towards Him, so they would copy Him in word and deed, not make up their own false gospel, which is a far cry from the "Good News" preached by Christ.

    7. Suzie - I have to honestly say that in your case, it's the blind leading the blind. If you don't accept 2 Tim 2, it means you have rejected the whole bible. It cannot be divided, just because you find parts of it unpalatable.
      Your opinion is so dark, baseless and will not enlighten anyone because you have turned away backwards from the path God set you one.

      Moreover, You have no link with Christians outside. These people are responsible for the light God has given them, but he set you amongst the brethren. God holds us all responsible to the knowledge he has given us.

      To make a claim to Christianity and then mock the brethren, shows just how far some have gone from the gospel and the love of God.
      You have no link to Christians outside.

      Far from accepting the gospel, it is quite evident from your vindictive spirit that you have turned your back on grace. Grace doesn't run out, but time does.
      Prayers can become sin. God hears our prayers when we are prepared to listen, heed his grace and get back to the point of departure.
      Instead of spending every waking day of how you are going to hurt the brethren, why not spend this time doing something more constructive and spreading happiness? Think about it.

      Dr W Spoon

    8. Dr Spoon. What balderdash! Just read what you have written and weep. What a nasty vitriolic piece of writing.

    9. Dr Spoon,

      Your latest comments to Suzie comprise a list of accusations, some explicit and some implied, but without a grain of evidence for a single one of them, or even a grain of credibility. Can you really be serious? Fred Flintstone and other spoofs come to mind. I begin to wonder if you are a prankster composing a caricature of the worst of Brethren sanctimony, because your post is like an exaggerated version of the kind of things Brethren have said many times to non-brethren when they want to insult them or make themselves sound morally superior, and it doesn’t work.

      I see not the slightest reason to suggest that Suzie does not accept 2 Tim 2, or that she is blind, or that she has rejected the whole Bible, or that she finds parts of it unpalatable, or that her opinion is dark and baseless, or that she has turned away from the path God set her on, or that she has no link with Christians outside, or that she has turned her back on grace, or that she spends every waking day thinking of how you are going to hurt the brethren, or that she is in any way lacking in constructive activities or spreading happiness – that is at least ten completely implausible accusations, most of which I personally know to be false.

      Also, your argument that God set Suzie among the Brethren so she should never have left them carries no weight whatever, because you could use the same argument to deduce that no one should ever leave the culture or the circumstances that they were born into, no matter how awful it might be. People two centuries ago used to say things like that of anyone who attempted to improve their circumstances, and it was just as bad an argument then as it is now.

      If you are serious, can you not come up with something more than empty assertions, personal insults and invalid arguments?

    10. Spoon/John Handel/Oliver Woodcock.....Whoever you are. At least you are now really showing the colours of bigotry, intolerance, lack of spirituality and intellectual incompetence. At least do give us some examples of the happiness YOU are spreading around!

      Suzie has more intelligence, learning and spirituality in one of her nail clippings than anything in your whole being. On current form, it is perhaps just as well you are "separate"; thus your vindictive, unchristian nature may be contained among those who are more likely to appreciate your talents. However, I pity the poor, trapped children among you.


  5. Does Dr Spoon attempt to chemically castrate gays like HEB Dr Craddock did?
    Dr Spoon, take your knife and fork off.

  6. Dr. W. Spoon - I'm just wondering which university you received your doctorate from?

    You write exactly like one of the Hales Exclusive Brethren would and it would be very unusual for someone who has not been a part of that group to use the same illogical arguments that you would expect from one of the brethren. I certainly hope that you wouldn't lie about being a doctor as that would be very wrong.

  7. I understand it was Dr Spooner that inadvertently initiated the campaign of pie days. He told the Brethren that their bad public image was based entirely on a lack of pies, and no one noticed it was a Spoonerism.

  8. 192.com doesn't know of a W Spoon anywhere in the UK. Clearly a nom de plume from John Handel or one of his fellow sycophants.

  9. I believe W Spoon is a pub group.


    1. Ah yes, 'Spoons. 'Wether' that's right though? Couldn't have the exalted ones eating and drinking with the world in a pub, now could we? Is Thursday night Grill night? Great deal ... Steak and a pint for so little. Hmmm.