Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Separation IS a Church matter!

The Hales exclusive brethren now rebranded as The Plymouth brethren Christian church have been relentlessly trying to excuse themselves by saying "it's NOT a church matter" when challenged about various issues of harsh, illegal, violent and plain UNChristian behaviour towards both members and ex-members.
Ought they be allowed to wriggle like eels on this lame excuse "it's a family matter"?


  1. It is clear from their re-branded website that separation is very much part of who they are. They lamely try to defend it with out of context or irrelevant scriptures, so they really cannot now claim it's a 'family matter' with such publicity that it's a 'church matter'. Are they so confused by all the chops and changes from their leadership that they don't know if they're standing or sitting anymore? Either that or they're blatant liars. Which one is it?

  2. Blatant liars. It's the reason why we left. The last straw was when 2 HEB 'priests' lied to 400+ about my father being ready to be received back in fellowship, when he had no wish to do so, then when they went to his home to tell him he had been recovered, he told them where to go and they came back and told us he was 'too overcome' to attend.

    I have copies of letters he wrote to them begging them to stop intimidating him.

    It's all bullshit and I am still mortified that I ever belonged to such a corrupt organisation.

  3. If it's not a "church" matter, why do furtive "priestly" enforcers come knocking on doors, at any time, like the Inquisition. What has it got to do with them, if it's merely a family matter?


  4. The Exclusive Brethren may just get a rude awakening at the CC tribunal, there is plenty of prepared evidence to demonstrate forced separation by EB elders against family wishes.