Monday, 20 January 2014


From our freind Abishag on Wikipeebia,

Openness in the Exclusive Brethren! Get a grip. They have lost the ability to ever be open having been a closed sect for so long. Their whole mission surrounds separation from the evil that is the world (in their minds) and this latest foray into handing our sandwiches has nothing to do with a desire to be more available or open or transparent. It is all about money. They do this -probably on the advice of their PR gurus to try to appear normal. They are not normal. They just want every cent from the 'world' that they can get their hands on. 

How can they run around in the hazard jackets which boldly scream Rapid Relief Team - when I watched them push teenagers out onto the street when I was one. And where was their bloody water and sandwich brigade when I was forcibly spending my first two nights away from them in a bus shelter because there was nowhere else to go? Fancy throwing 18 year old kids out the door with the clothes they were stood up in - no money- and no assistance of any kind. That's what they did to me and others. And they want to help disaster victims. Give me a break! 

The Plymouth Brethren -or Exclusive Brethren are a slippery, deceitful, dishonest, self serving, greedy bunch of people who masquerade for effect - but deep down are laughing at Governments and Charity Commissioners. They destroy their own families, but bombard their own websites with fake testimonials on how wonderful they are for handing out a few sandwiches and bottles of water to other people's families. The hypocrisy is gobsmacking. 

If they were genuinely concerned about humanity -they would have been involved for years as part of their raison d'etre. They are not. They have never been. Their latest ploy of trolling through their ranks to find a few old diggers who did their national service during the war to manufacture You Tube clips is pathetic.

They don't help mankind per se. They run around like headless chooks at a bushfire control point -taking more photos of themselves than of anything else - and then SCREAM about it on their website. 

Meanwhile - real churches - the C of E and the Catholic Church and the Salvos work each and every day for the poor and downtrodden. They never turn a needy soul away. If a community suddenly said they needed to billet a town's community ravaged by bushfires - how many Brethren homes would be opened up to take them? None! Worldly people are 'unclean' you see. As I've said before - they do this because it minimises the contact they have to have - to appear legitimate. A sandwich offered in a latex gloved hand is as close as they get. And even then - it is to their hours. If they were 'real' - they would have people as members of Red Cross where you do good work every day - or the Volunteer Fire Brigade - which every community in rural Australia has. But that means mixing with the vile world which they must not do. 

Meanwhile -there are thousands of people who suffer every day because of the actions of this sect. And the PBCC could not give a rat's arse about them. "It's in the past" "We have moved on." 
What I don't get is -despite the dozens of true life accounts given to the Charities Commission in the UK and other places- how these Commissioners even give them the chance to redeem themselves. They are beyond redemption. They refuse to fix their mistakes. They have treated thousands of people appallingly and they IGNORE them to this day. Even after admitting that they were wrong in the first place. This dubious about face didn't make anybody's family suddenly accessible. It didn't result in any rightful distribution of inheritance which they'd fleeced. It didn't result in them putting anything right at all. They didn't make an approach to any child who was molested while in their churches with an offer of help or counseling.

It is just waffle - just like this rubbish they would have you believe today - that they are a 'normal' caring religious organisation which really cares about people. 

It is a PR exercise - and nothing more- designed to fool people. And they cannot even be honest about that. They pepper their own website with comments -like "GR8t" and "Awesome". Pahleese! And if anyone dares to criticize or question their motives- that comment is struck from their message boards in a heartbeat. Meanwhile - I know of two families where 15 kids and two ex-wives have not seen their husbands and fathers in over 20 years because those two men said they wouldn't mind having a computer to help them with their business. Computers then - were apparently 'evil'. And now the Brethren flout their computer and web expertise. So if they are 'right ' now- why not then? Go figure that Charity Commissioners. 

When will people wake up? When will they see that their schools are really designed to keep their kids away from the 'influences' of the world. When will they see the fortunes of the leader of this sect and his extended family for what it really is.

I was amused to read in the response document that is tabled on this site that their children are now allowed to go to university if they leave the sect - and then to return to the sect after they have finished. Did anyone else read that? We were given a flat NO when we asked as kids if we could go to Uni. Do it and you will be 'cast out' I think were the words they used.

Because they are now all goody goody and normal and loving their fellow man all of a sudden - I am going to sue them for treating me appallingly as a child- kicking me out when I was just 18 wrongly - disallowing me from having any contact with my parents and siblings for the rest of their lives - and then laughing at me with all this latest PR claptrap and about face to engender support from the world they hate so much.


  1. The Lord turns corners in mysterious ways.

  2. Fair comment Abishag. Any changes for the better in the EB are superficial and short-lived. As soon as the heat is off they will go back to what they do best - ruining people's lives and growing their financial assets as far as possible at the taxpayers' expense.
    However we all have eyes and ears and should gather evidence of where they fall short of the standard set in the agreement they have signed with the Charity Commission.