Monday, 27 January 2014

No mention of execution by decapitation in the 55 page CC document

BDH blood book volume 125  Barbados 27/7/12


  1. The rate at which BDH's indoctrination 'ministry' is being leaked to us outside is unprecedented. It can only mean that more and more trapped members are becoming disillusioned with the way things are inside. When they read the Charity Commission's statement in full, there will be no hiding for the hierarchy who even in 2014 are attempting to deceive them. The ship is sinking Brethren, get out before it takes you down with it.

  2. The only other churches I know of that print secret ministry for members only are the Church of Scientology and the Jehovah’s Witnesses, both of which are notoriously abusive, oppressive and controlling organisations with classical cultish characteristics. Aligning its practices with that lot puts Hales Brethrenism in really bad company.

    Most churches don’t need a culture of secrecy because they have nothing to hide. If someone relays to outsiders what goes on inside, they are only too pleased: the further the good news is spread the better. They would respect him as an ambassador for Christ; they would not call him a traitor.

    Why the secrecy? I don’t think the Brethren leaders want outsiders to know how completely they have their flock under their thumb and how totalitarian their regime really is. Nor do they like it when outsiders find out that the ministry is often rambling, aimless, incoherent, spiritually and intellectually impoverished, and with a lot of its emphasis on veneration of these not-so-great men, making the followers slavishly obedient and how to run a business. And that is only the relatively harmless run-of-the-mill stuff. I haven’t even mentioned yet the bits that are morally depraved.

    If the Charity Commission saw what is being churned out by the Bible and Gospel Trust, they would wonder why the Trust is recognised as a charity.

    1. Yes, why the secrecy? In the first three lines of the above, we are to understand that being a traitor is "bad" very bad.

      Perhaps a good supportive member of the company PBCC Ltd would explain why it is bad to share this information.

      If it is from God, then it should convict those opposed; and it should also build up and encourage other Christians. We are to share our faith. The apostle Paul did - and so did many Brethren prior to 1960.

      So the more the ministry is shared, the more others will know how like other churches the PBCC are.

  3. I'm not even a full on player - and I've got and can get as much as I can be bothered reading. Which given the way you rabbit on -is not much. I even had the full business meeting handout in my claws at the same time as the poor ripped off saints who sat there and paid for the privilege. You have leaks alright Mr Hales...... but it's because people are starting to see through you and your crummy sect. Which means you don't quite have the control that you think you have.......

  4. A Scripture for Mr B D Hales: "If instead of talking nonsense you proclaim a worthwhile message, you will be my prophet again."

    Jeremiah 15:19

  5. I would say the above page is worth passing on to the Charity Commission as evidence of their real agenda. How can 'communicating with persons that are no longer with us, what's on the inside position' not be of public benefit? Bearing in mind that the Charity Commission went to some lengths to include ex-members of the EB with members of the general public.

    The man who exposed Gordon Pollard as a liar.

  6. Sounds like a main stream religion to me - just like the Church of England! What a group of fakes and liars - the lack of benefit to the public is so apparent along with the intended harm to those stuck in there who dare to have a mind of their own, as well as those who have left. I think BDH needs to see a physician about his persecution complex.