Tuesday, 28 January 2014

London Fire Brigade on red alert yet again for Reiner's legendary overloading

Graham Reiner of Sutton this Thursday will host Lester Martin (an antipodean youngster of 39 years old) & entourage, he is very likely to attempt massively overloading the room so London Fire Brigade remain on alert.

We are also reliably informed from friends that BDH is orff to the USA ( Detroit & San Fran ) next month, no doubt his cuddly chum Roy Symington will host a fitting reception at his new bolt hole on the West Coast?


  1. Who pray is Lester Martin? Any family connection to Lester P the jockey?

    Ibrahim Gottaboner

    1. Penrith. Relation of Dr Martin.
      Married BDH daughter. Spiritual x. Gifted? Nepotic Y.

      Red Rum

    2. Some HEB might like to look up what 'nepotism' means... altho it's been a feature of EBism for decades so most of them probably already know. Maybe one day they will learn that nepotism, if/when it goes wrong, can bite VERY severely in the bum (and/or finances, now I come to think about it...)

  2. Nepotism it is - did you know that Gareth Hales was in North America recently conducting 'business seminars'.

  3. I do hope that there is a distinction between foreign travel for business purposes and that for "ministering". It would be most unfair, not to say, illicit, if travel expenses, and so on (including all that in-flight "entertainment") for ministering, could be off-set against tax on a a business account somewhere; especially when remuneration for "ministering", according to accounts, is in uneven piles of cash.

    HMRC Inspector

    1. Dear HMRC Inspector,

      The UK brethren are encouraged to book their flights through Hughes Travel Trust as they fly around the world visiting meetings and ministering to the flock.

      It may work a bit like this. You are gifted a flight in return for a suggested donation that is above the rate on the open market. The trust obtains your flight using its buying power to obtain discounts. You then fly to your lovely international meetings and enjoy the gospel. It works so well that this UK trust spends £5,000,000 on travel in a year on flights for brethren that relieve their poverty and somehow yield plenty of public benefit.

  4. Diabolically cunning! And there was silly me thinking that Hughes Travel was a coach company from Blackpool! Just a few comments: "encouraged" (ahem!) = "compelled", possibly? Would anyone dare to submit a donation lower than the going rate... No..? Thought not...

    Will be flying this one past the guys in the office (no pun etc).

    Inspector HMRC