Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Johnny Hales dishes out the dosh at Cambridge

These poor deluded followers of the Hales exclusive brethren cult know no better than to meekly accept bribes from the leading family- how very, very sad.

In a demonstration of 'Charitable private benefit' the great Man of God's cousin dishes out high denomination notes not to the homeless, poor and needy but to PBCC flockers.

What's more......for a sister to give out a hymn before the glorious minister is in the house is quite unforgivable.


  1. Which part of the dynasty is Johnny?? I thought £50 notes were supposed to be dodgy; I hope they were net of tax. Any sister guilty of premature hymn calling should have her skirt measured for signs of other deviant behaviour.


  2. I think he is a son of Bruce Hales Sr. which would make him BDH's first cousin. I believe he lives in LA as does Roy Symington so BDH must have picked them up on his way to the UK

    1. Thanks; it makes one realise how this group have been, and are, controlled by two or three families; a particularly unholy alliance.