Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Tie a Yellow Ribbon campaign swings into action in Mangere New Zealand


  1. How superbly exciting - the TYR business is going global! Must do something myself one of these days.

    1. Shirley

      I don’t think ‘excitement’ is the aim of the Tie Yellow campaign, nor would it be an overriding emotion of the participants.

      It is a campaign of remembrance loaded with sadness.

      Sadness, that the Exclusive Brethren, (PBCC), a sectarian cult, operating under the cover of being ‘Christian’, should cause such harm and division amongst families

      Sadness that the Exclusive Brethren, (PBCC), can abuse and twist the Christian faith so much, to suit its own self righteous cultish, sectarian agenda.

      Sadness that the Exclusive Brethren, (PBCC), are completely misrepresenting the Christian faith, by propagating false doctrines not found in the Word of God, which is the Christian Holy Bible !

      As a Christian myself, I find the practices of the Exclusive Brethren (PBCC), resulting in family division, totally abhorrent and not of Christ or of the Bible

      Dividing a family up, simply because persons have left one supposed Christian group to go to a different Christian Church is utterly against the teachings of Gods Word and the Biblical Apostle Paul ! (read Ephesians, Galatians, Corinthians, etc)

      Dividing a family up, simply because persons want to leave the Christian faith, or just want to leave a supposed Christian group, or because a person doesn’t agree with all a groups teachings, is also against Gods Word in the Bible. (read Matthew 22, 1 John 4 v20, Romans 15 v1, Romans 14 v1 and many other references)

      Separation of families is not of God

      Separation of families also breaks the European Convention of Human Rights !

    2. You're right Brother Rev, TYR is a campaign of remembrance loaded with sadness... but we do also have a bit of fun & fellowship while we do TYR. When exEB get together there's usually some smiles! So go for it Shirley - just remember to keep the motive LOVING at all times. We found that can be harder than one thinks, when the hurt & loss feelings are big... but it's do-able, especially with support from other TYR members.

  2. I thought the road sign was sending altogether another message to them ;-)

  3. What I reeeeaaaalllly like about this yellow ribbon thing is that it's motive is so obviously genuine and loving. There is no threat of legal actions, no hate, no abuse, it's not aggressive, it can't be considered litter or graffiti, it is simply a loving remembrance. In fact there is nothing negative that I can see about it at all. It is a message of love. Why is it done? Because family togetherness is important, and it is worth looking for unity, looking for support, seeking compromise, going for reunification, offering the hand of care, letting them know we are still ready to forgive for the sake of unity and natural bonds.

    The message is...

    Dear Brethren, we love you, we miss you, we appreciate family bonds, we want these bonds respected, we want these bonds reinstated, we are waiting here for you, we have not forgotten you, and we want to remind you that you are still loved.

    I will be very surprised if the campaign doesn't tug at a few heart strings within the EB. It is so sad that ALL the division is EB driven, and ALL the offers of friendship have so far been refused by them. But if we keep on loving them, keep on letting them know this in a genuine and visible way, who knows what will happen? They may even start to wonder why they have chosen to scrap their families in favour of religious supremacy and cultish elitism in the first place. They may even start to realise that families ARE important. Let's keep the hope alive, keep the ribbons flying, and keep praying (if praying is your thing) that love will overcome evil.

    BTW, if you are an EB reading this, we don't hate you. We love you. If you would like to see the family that you have rejected, call them. Let them know that you love them too. If you are ready to embrace them again, let them know. You may just find that a BIG HUG awaits you.

    Love is very powerful, let it happen.

    Together we can overcome!


    1. Love your attitude Sue, also extremely effective.
      Excellent comment, thank you :)

  4. I notice they are all being blown horizontally by the hot air coming off the premises!