Tuesday, 10 December 2013

One of many insincere notes of apology from the grotesquely uncharitable Hales exclusive brethren

Will a shallow, scribbled note of apology make amends for decades of detriment and harm caused by the Hales exclusive brethren cult?


  1. Is there a date for this letter?

  2. So they apologize in a round about way, but don't actually admit to being wrong? And if they did do this, would that then make the orders they received from their "great men of God" to treat this person that way in the first place, also wrong? One presumes so, which is probably why they will never say it or admit it... very sad.

  3. Do we know if this 'offer' was taken up and if so what the outcome was?

  4. The letter was a 'review' letter of 2002 and the offer to meet was not taken up as the recipients had been forced to move away from the address the letter was forwarded from due to on-going HEB harassment. They had left the HEB in 1989/90.

  5. In the light of the posting above by Anon at 11 December 2013 20:30 it’s worth a closer look at some of the detail -

    - The review of 2002 / 3 essentially only happened because the BBC Everyman Expose on the Exclusive Brethren aired on national TV in 2002. The Brethren spin machine went into overdrive and many ex members were contacted.

    - All the letters had the same overtones, easily interpreted as ‘the brethren treated you badly, we are now sorry, please come back to us & return inside & if you don’t want to then separation will continue’. That’s not a genuine heartfelt apology, if it had been, normal relationships would have been resumed, separation of relatives would have stopped, eating and drinking between relatives would have been allowed, with no preconditions, or needing to rejoin the cult. Yet, none of this happened, nothing changed & its now another 10 years on !

    - This letter says “we feel very bad that we have not contacted you for such a long time”, which is a tacit admission of the reality of the policy of shunning & cutting off anyone, who for whatever reason may leave the group. In this case, over 10 years

    - This letter says “we are currently being helped to show that we have not shown the right attitude”, being shown by who ?, who is giving that help ?, who is enlightening the Hales Exclusive Brethren internally or externally ?. As usual Exclusive Brethren terminology, writing & conversation style is to speak in riddles and hidden meanings, there isn’t even any mention of the teachings of Christ, or the Bible, or how their actions are contrary to the Bible, which is frankly bizarre when this is supposed to be a letter of apology from a Christian Church !

    - This letter says “we took no interest in you or offered help and care” , now that doesn’t sound very ‘Charitable’ or of ‘Public Benefit’ does it ?, but then goes on to say “having said that we have thought of you often and wondered how you were getting on”!. That kind of hypocrisy and double speak is typical of the Exclusive Brethren. Clearly, the adherence to man made interpretations of “separation from evil” ! (meaning all non members), took priority over these ‘thoughts’ and ‘wonderings’ being acted upon !. This is what happens when your conscience is cauterized (1Timothy 4, 1-3) through obeying teachings of men, rather than Gods Word in the Bible !, or even just being human !

    - This letter says “we can honestly say we felt we had a good and positive relationship with you and trust you still feel the same” !. So, after an enforced no contact for over 10 years they expect the person to still feel ‘positive’ about the relationship !, the mind boggles !

    - This letter says “although we would not pass on any details of your address and phone number” why is there a need to make this statement. Implied in this is a need for secrecy in case others do something unscrupulous with the information, surely a real Christian church would not sink to such a level would it ?

    - This letter says “ a genuine desire to put right the past”, if that really was genuine then why are families still divided now in 2013 ?, why can families still not eat or drink together ?, why is there separation made between those who are in the group and those who are outside it ?, why can those members who claim to be Christian not associate with Christian relatives who happen to be outside the group ? why are those who leave subjected to punitive measures, such as losing house, job, contact with relatives, friends, etc ? why are the Brethren still being brainwashed into believing that if you leave you cant be a Christian ? in short why has nothing changed ?