Thursday, 19 December 2013

New UBT cirrus & stratos plans


  1. WOW! Maybe they should go to Vodafone rather than UBT (Un-Believable Tariffs).


    Blackberry Q10 on Vodafone

    Cost up front £0.00
    Monthly Cost £33.00
    For unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1 Gb of data, 5 star care & !GB of UK WiFi

  2. Far more reasonable than paying £49 up front for a Blackberry Q10 and then £37 per month for 2000 minutes / unlimited data.

  3. Perhaps the alternative prices should be posted on FA?

  4. Dear members of,

    The Exclusive Brethren aka Plymouth Brethren Christian Church aka internally as The Brethren, The Assembly, The Meeting, The Saints,

    You are being seriously financially ripped off. Bruce Hales & his close friends have created a commercial system and you are being ‘influenced’ to only purchase through these companies

    You are what is known in business circles as a ‘captured market’. This means a company, or an event, that has a monopoly on providing services or products to a consumer because that consumer, at that particular time, can not go anywhere else for those services or products

    A company, or an event, providing services or products to a ‘captured market’ will exploit consumers by adding a price premium to their products or services, knowing full well that alternatives to the consumer were either not available, or, it would be awkward, difficult, or incur other costs for consumers to search out alternatives

    Dear Brethren,

    This is the position that Bruce Hales & UBT has got you in. You are their captured market.

    This is not a Christian Church it is a commercial extortion racket

    Personal example –

    I am with EE (formerly Orange), I have a HTC Smart phone, fully web enabled, email, text, data, camera, etc. Its on a 12 month rolling contract, the phone is Free, yes Free, and I pay no more than £25 per month including all data allowances, texts, calls etc, I can exit out of the contract at the end of each 12 month period if I want to and because I have been with EE more than 18months, I can upgrade & get a new phone for free, as long as I continue my contract with them !

  5. I was talking to a Peeb in England recently and he told me that most of them have the obligatory UBT phone to keep the great man and his henchmen happy and as well they buy their own so they won't be tracked so it gets very expensive for the poor buggers!


    1. Spenser - are you serious? did he say if that is really widespread? amazing.

  6. Seems that contrary to popular opinion, peebs are not very good business people after all, paying such excessive costs.

  7. It's called being fleeced and these pour souls are so happy that they are granted permission to have these electronic gadgets that they are willing to be ripped off in the process. Very sad state of affairs and just one more sign of how controlled they are.