Tuesday, 17 December 2013

More mad ministry

Recent burblings from the MoG in the format of white books 526/7 are proving most toothsome reading for avid followers of this fiendish cult.

Here's a couple of extracts from BDH white book 527 reading at Engadine 21/7/13


  1. Can we see them? I have a hankering for the words of our latest beloved.

  2. There is a huge disconnect between the content of the internally published so called ‘Christian ministry’, which is transcribed from recordings of church services inside meeting halls and the nice fluffy glossy claims of the public face of their revamped Dec 2013 website !

    How does this latest internal white book of ‘ministry’ 526/7 match up to the claims in the new website ?

    A reminder,

    The internally published ministry is transcribed from recordings of church services in their meetings halls, which are actually designated places of ‘public worship’, so therefore enjoying tax concessions, Yet, the PBCC, aka Exclusive Brethren then say what is said in their meeting rooms is ‘private for members only’ !!!

    Their universal global leader, Australian, Bruce D Hales, explains -

    BDH. Well, if its current, those persons don’t belong to us. The best thing is if there is anyone here in this room that’s betraying the position, and communicating to persons that are no longer with us, what’s on the inside position, they should declare themselves, get free by confession, and we’ll forgive you, we’ll forgive you. If you go on with it, we’ll withdraw from you. So take your pick. Only two choices for traitors, confess, declare, get forgiven, or go, go. We don’t need traitors, that’s one thing we don’t need, is traitors……….Why be in a camp, one camp allegedly supporting the position, and betraying it to another camp ?. What future is in that ? Get shot in the army wouldn’t you ? Shot, just shot. Or shoot yourself, is the best thing……..You’d be be really putting your head in the noose, wouldn’t you ?. I don’t mind if you do, we don’t have to hang the noose up, we’ll just let you……..

    Bruce D Hales July 27 2012

    1. Real churches are only too pleased when the proceedings inside are relayed to those outside. The further the good news is spread the better. Those who do it would be respected as ambassadors for Christ, not branded as traitors and threatened with excommunication.

      The above extract is enough proof, if proof were needed, that HEBism has become a secret society. It has to be. They have a lot to hide.

    2. Bruce, you really need to get a grip. What you appear to be saying is:

      "if any of you dare to spread the gospel, evangelise, talk to outsiders, then you will lose the benefit of our business club."

      I presume you have a lot to hide.

    3. Now what kind of religious church leader would encourage a person to shoot them self - and for betraying a church position?

      Mainstream Christian church leaders do not incite suicide and they do not have a position that needs to be hidden.

      This is a very scary group and those few words demonstrate in no uncertain terms the harm this group perpetrates.

  3. Sorry the above comment @22.35 was Brother Rev

  4. Urrrkkk, that BDH comment about killing yourself if you think you've "spoken outside the camp" is FAR too close to incitement for my liking - at least three of his predecessors (former leaders of the EB/PBCC: James Taylor Jr, Jim Symington, John Hales) have blood on their hands from suicides occurring on their watch and under their responsibility as church leaders IMO. BDH sounds like he is inviting more of these deaths; his words make me absolutely cringe at his callousness... and his casual cultishness. Yuck. Break out the Kool-Aid :'(

    NB: ALL he's accusing these people of doing, is "communicating to persons" outside the EB position about "what's on the inside". They are simply just talking to ex- and non-members, about what is going on in the EB.... you know, the sort of discussion EB Garth Christie invited when he told UK parliamentarians, "We're open to scrutiny". BDH isn't telling them to shoot or hang themselves because they've committed some dastardly world-changing irrevocable sin... it's merely because they've TALKED; communicated outside the camp.

    Rest In Peace, all those named on http://wikipeebia.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=14 and the many more whose names are not listed there.

    BDH it is a very dangerous thing being the leader of a personality cult - I thought you knew that already? Watch Your Mouth - you have people's mental health in your hands, to say nothing of their lives. Jesus wept.

  5. I'd love to know what the cult's legal team and PR consultants make pf BDH as he thumps home the nails in his own coffin.

  6. We need to see a scan of the White Book ministry about traitors, the noose and guns.

    If this outburst is genuine, Bruce D Hales is a bully and coward and should be dismissed from his post as leader of the PBCC.

  7. I can confirm that the quotation about traitors, shooting and hanging is genuine. It is from the Ministry of B. D. Hales Vol. 125 page 300 (27 July 2012). There is also a bit in White Book 483 pages 23-24 (5 December 2012) where John Gadsden brands as traitors those who pass information to outsiders. I suppose he means incriminating information such as printed ministry. Here is what he said.

    “Our brother spoke of this matter of what's traitorous, persons still passing information, passing out what's precious, and what belongs in the inner circle. It's passed out to persons who are opposed, who really have the character of Judas. We know there's only one Judas, we understand that. But there's the character of betrayal, and it's a very serious matter, you see, very serious matter. So if we know that there are persons going on and compromising with those out of fellowship, it's a question on what basis we have to continue, you see. But I just say that because it comes into this chapter, and our brother's referred to it and said it needs to be brought into the fellowship meeting, so we'll get it in early, and challenge anyone that would pass information out.”

    It seems that BDH and JGG agree that what goes on in their sect has to be kept secret. It’s not difficult to see why they feel that way. By the prevailing moral standards of both Christian and secular societies, a lot of what is said and done in the HEB is reprehensible. Perhaps they know that already, but now they have fresh cause for concern because it might have financial consequences.

  8. Some thoughts,

    In reading the extracts now scanned in, the first impression I get is the rambling nature of Bruce D Hales conversation.

    He clearly finds it difficult to speak in coherent sentences, I almost wonder if he is under the influence of something such as alcohol. There is a small sprinkling of references to biblical matters but they are confused & random with no theological explanations, teaching, application, exposition, or exegesis, they appear just as random statements which mean nothing. Each time this happens the conversation then degenerates into other matters such as ‘misadministration’ in localities, or JT Junior, or Aberdeen 1970, or the Recovery, or Past Ministry, or JSH (my daddy !), or the perception of Good Times past, etc.

    Then there is the sycophantic fawning and deference to Bruce D Hales from the members present - quote – “Had the privilege to have you in our house Mr Hales, I just felt we didn’t care for you like we should” !!, The adoration of “men” is really sickening. The whole thing is incredibly inward looking, self absorbed, focused on themselves and I get the impression Bruce is desolate and melancholic. It certainly isn’t the environment of a healthy church

    It’s not how a real Christian church operates in its Bible study, the lack of real bible teaching is so sad, there must be Brethren in the group yearning for real bible teaching and study

    A Pastor, Vicar, Elder, Lay person in other Christian Churches outside of Exclusive Brethrenism does not lead Bible study, or give a Sermon, in this manner, if they did they would be removed from their position as not fit

  9. It really is a load or rambling nonsense isn't it? Do you feel inspired, uplifted, instructed or closer to Jesus in any way after reading it? No not at all. Just appalled they still defend JT Jr whose genuine response at Aberdeen should have been to repent from his wicked ways. Instead he defended himself with lie after lie after lie. That's not a man I'd want as my pastor!

  10. In Britain there's a movement to stop public funds supporting organisations where preachers preach hatred and separation and talk about violence.

    Free speech is not at risk, but the granting of public money to such groups is now under review.