Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Last nights meeting for prophetic ministry at Manchester UK


  1. Who is the speaker? What is prophetic ministry? Why do men and women sit apart?

  2. The men and women sit separately mainly because Jim Taylor said so. They usually pretend everything they do is based on the Bible, of course, but Jim Taylor just took out of the Bible any meaning that suited him. Other ministry shows that he had a pretty low view of women. He wanted men to be in charge.

    Ministry of J. T. Jr. Vol. 3 pages 456 (Brooklyn, N.Y. 1 April 1958)
    “J.T.Jr. Our gathering involves the external side, we gather externally. We do not gather in the assembly as husbands and wives; it is the separation of the two, husbands and wives apart.
    . . .
    R.W.S. And usually at the Supper the brothers sit in the first row and the sisters sit in the other rows. There are parts of the world where the husbands and wives sit together in the service. I have wondered about that.

    J.T.Jr. I think that in the assembly the prominence of man would be allowed; it is a mark of the prominence of man that he is mentioned first. It says The Christ is the head of every man. It does not say He is the head of every woman. Therefore if we sit down with the brothers prominent it would be quite orderly. It is not a question of a brother sitting with his wife in the meeting at all; it is a question of our relations with God either as man or woman.”

    Ministry of J. T. Jr. Vol. 129 pages 48-49 (Brooklyn, N.Y., 6 November 1968)
    “J.T.Jr. I think that too. A sister wrote to me not long ago about the little people sitting on the front seat. She asked if it is right for a little girl to sit on the front seat with her father. I said, No. What do you think about that?

    T.V.D. It is for the brothers to keep the distinction that God has given them.

    J.T.Jr. A young sister has no right in a front seat, she should be where she belongs. The sister who wrote to me was right in her exercise; sisters do not belong in the front seats. And the young brothers sitting on the front seats should not be laughing their heads off either. Let the sisters be subject and not authoritative, and keep off the front rows; brothers belong in the front row.”

  3. The meeting's not over until the fat b*st*rd sings!

  4. It is not 'prophetic' ministry - it is PATHETIC ministry, but then it really isn't even 'ministry' as ministry usually would have a pastoral bent, and any vestige of pastoral care disappeared from this cult long ago

  5. Positively mediaeval in concept.

    When I see pictures of the HEB, there's something about them that just gives me the creeps. I expect I'm not alone in that.

  6. An opposer of mine, Alf Weston of Yeovil, once said "The only thing prophetic about the ministry meeting is my prediction of who will give the words". Tch tch!

  7. A room of screwed up, horrid little pharisees, apart from the young girl who looks fearful and confused, poor thing.