Monday, 16 December 2013

Hales foists mandatory allegiance to UBT on the 'Saints'

Two current disaffected PBCC members have recently told me that according to BDH (global PBCC cult leader) if as a Hales exclusive brethren cult member you 'knock' UBT (Universal business team) then he will write you out of 'his book'.

Talk about a shonky dictator, I guess Hitler would be proud of him.


  1. Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

    But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

    For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

    Matthew 6:19-21 (KJV)

  2. "and that no one should be able to buy or sell, save that he had the mark, the name of the beast, or the number of its name." - Revelation 13 vs 17
    "and all that dwell on the earth shall do it homage, every one whose name had not been written from the founding of the world in the book of life of the slain Lamb" - Revelation 13 vs 8

    - If a person's name is in the book of life from the founding of the world how does BDH presume to write it out - this man is clearly Satanic!


    1. This story is just that a complete story - total fabrication. No such thing has ever been said. Period.
      I dare say no one will be believe me as the truth is much more boring than a fat juicy story.

    2. To anon 18 December 2013 02:19

      You seem very sure of yourself, are you in constant continuous presence of Bruce D Hales so you hear everything he says ?

    3. To anon 18 December 2013 02:19

      We have no verification of this quoted statement other than what Laurie has stated, However, because of the culture of fear, control, scaremongering, scripture twisting and spiritual abuse, so endemic in the Bruce Hales led Exclusive Brethren, (renamed in 2012 as Plymouth Brethren Christian Church), I have no reason to discount, or disbelieve what has been quoted.

      Here are some shocking examples of that culture from the universal leader, man of God, Bruce D Hales -

      BDH. Well, if its current, those persons don’t belong to us. The best thing is if there is anyone here in this room that’s betraying the position, and communicating to persons that are no longer with us, what’s on the inside position, they should declare themselves, get free by confession, and we’ll forgive you, we’ll forgive you. If you go on with it, we’ll withdraw from you. So take your pick. Only two choices for traitors, confess, declare, get forgiven, or go, go. We don’t need traitors, that’s one thing we don’t need, is traitors……….Why be in a camp, one camp allegedly supporting the position, and betraying it to another camp ?. What future is in that ? Get shot in the army wouldn’t you ? Shot, just shot. Or shoot yourself, is the best thing……..You’d be be really putting your head in the noose, wouldn’t you ?. I don’t mind if you do, we don’t have to hang the noose up, we’ll just let you……..
      Bruce D Hales July 27 2012

      You go out of fellowship and say you're saved, it means absolutely nothing. Go on in lawlessness, and go out of fellowship, and say now you're free, that's a complete and utter despisal of the blood of Jesus. Your eternal salvation is totally in question, totally and absolutely in question, if you say that you're going to be free by going out of fellowship.
      BDH Volume 35, page 277 (Reading in Sydney, 29 January 2005)

      And if you leave the fellowship you don't have Christianity. I want every young person to understand that here: you give up the fellowship, don't think you can hold on to Christianity. You haven't got it. Young people that give up the fellowship, and turn their back on the fellowship, and leave what they've been brought up in, and leave the position they've been set in, they can't claim Christianity, they can't do it.
      BDH Volume 47, page 208 (Reading in Sydney, 27 January 2006)

      BDH . . .This matter in Britain is, the testimony is at stake……… So let's win it in Britain, let's fight in Britain, fight, fight. Have to be dependent, of course. But you've got to know what you're fighting for, have to have clear thinking, and you have to, might have to change your direction momentarily in a fight. It's the good conflict of faith. And if we don't fight, the whole of Christianity will go, that's the facts of it. God is keeping the world going because of the saints. And we're the corner-stone of Christianity. We demonstrate it through separation from the world, and there's nothing more wonderful, there's nothing more beautiful or wonderful or attractive than the truth of separation.
      BDH Vol. 129 page 61 (Sydney, 17 November 2012)

      Disclaimer: It is acknowledged that these references were published originally by the Bible and Gospel Trust and are posted here under the international laws which allow any Copyrighted works to be critiqued

      Anon 18 December 2013 02:19 - Are these extracts of printed ministry also a “total fabrication”, “No such thing has ever been said. Period.”, or just “a fat juicy story” ?

      They demonstrate with horrifying clarity, the fear, control, scaremongering, scripture twisting, spiritual abuse and basic nonsense endemic in the Exclusive Brethren. In considering this shocking track record its clearly obvious that the quoted statement may have been made and it’s a little premature to write it off as a fabrication, nor have I any reason to think Laurie might "invent" something as serious and unbiblical as what has been quoted.

  3. Another mark of a cult. FEAR! The poor peeblets are so under his thumb they believe this preposterous nonsense.

    Question: Why is the 'church' leader demanding obedience from supposedly independent businesses for? Their website says:

    Q. I’ve heard it said that brethren businesses are owned and/or controlled by the Church, is this correct? A. Not at all, all businesses of members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church are owned by private individuals and have no financial, legal or controlling interest by the Church.

    Looks like they're not telling the truth then.

    1. Don't believe everything you hear. They are NOT run by the church. Period.
      As above - a nice juicy story is much more exciting but in this case it is total untruth.

    2. To Anon 18 December 2013 02:21

      In the matter of Exclusive Brethren aka PBCC, businesses, its not about what is heard, its about detailed information already available in the public domain ! The businesses are in fact very centrally controlled, monitored, advised, mentored, trained by key members of the Exclusive Brethren and all are expected to operate to the same standards as espoused by the Exclusive Brethren operated UBT organisation.

      Here are some extracts to remind you -

      Example 1 - “2005 Business Seminar Agenda”

      (Event held just before limited and controlled access to internet and computers was allowed. What it reveals is an intimate link between “Business” and “Church” and clear organisational control from “central command”)

      Under the title “Mission Statement”
      - “The Business Seminar program follows the pattern set on by Beloved Mr John Hales in the early 1960’s”
      - “The program will be presented in a consistent manner universally, following a structured framework of approved guidelines that represent sound and proven business which do not rely on this world’s system of shady practices and principles of compromise, and electronic networking”

      Under the title “Stated Objectives” it says the following
      - “To develop confidence with the coming generation in seeing a future in business without the need to compromise any principles of the truth”
      - “To provide an additional source of funding for the school educational program”

      Under the title “Scriptural Basis” it says the following
      - “Romans 16 v1 & 2”
      - “We need to be able to filter everything that is said in these seminars through the Word of God – JSH

      The “Invite Letter” for the Business Seminar says
      - “Dear Brother or Sister”
      - “This is the first of several meetings that will help the brethren run their businesses ‘by method and by God’”
      - “Our beloved brother Mr Bruce Hales expects us to seize the opportunity..”
      - “It is required that each of us comes ready to learn and with suitable appearance. We all must be in full compliance with the May 5th 2003 letter. Dark dress pants and calf length skirts – no denim. Dress shirts and blouses – no pullovers or causal wear. Dress shoes – no sneakers or sloppy shoes. Properly groomed hair, sideburns short, clean shaven is expected”
      - “PS. Remember – no cameras, no recording devices, no private interviews”

      End of quotes

      Did that jog your memory Anon 18th Dec 2013 02:21 ?

      As a further reminder –

      The quotes above mentioning “JSH” & “Beloved Mr John Hales”, refer to John Hales, who was the global universal leader, man of god, our paul, who led, till around 2001, the universal fellowship known as the Exclusive Brethren, or now known as the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church

      The quotes above mentioning “Mr Bruce Hales”, refer to BD Hales, (the son of JSH), the current global universal leader, man of god, our paul, who leads the universal fellowship known as the Exclusive Brethren aka PBCC

    3. Anonymous 18 December 2013 02:21 - both postings. This seems a very strong affirmation - curiously so. Are you unwittingly giving something away here that we should grasp? Is Aussie law more ferocious that UK law about 'Shadow Directors' for example?


      Or is it deeper than that?

    4. Thanks Laurie for removing the duplicated post (18 Dec 17:55), of the one I made on 18 December 2013 17:51, not sure how that happened

      Of course there are many other examples and details of Church and Business being centrally controlled, monitored, advised, mentored, trained by key members of the Exclusive Brethren with all business expected to operate to the same standards as espoused by the Exclusive Brethren operated Universal Business Team ‘UBT’ organisation.

      For example there is the “UBT Platinum Seminar Oct 2012” and then the elephant in the room which is the infamous “UBT Global Business Questionnaire 2011” which stated in its introductory letter –

      “The purpose of this survey is to 'obtain a universal view of business performance, debt, opportunities, constraints and the funds being contributed to schools and meeting rooms’”

      For those reading this blog who dont know, -

      - ‘Meeting rooms’ is the internally used phrase describing the Church halls used by the Exclusive Brethren.

      ( as per their own PBCC Dec 2013 website description "We congregate every Sunday in simple Meeting Rooms (Gospel Halls)" and "Brethren have a universal standard of design and construction for all new meeting hall facilities")

      - ‘Schools’ refer to their own private school system operated by Focus Schools (another Exclusive brethren operated organisation)

    5. Well done wayback machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20110914061601/http://bluewaterpackaginggroup.com/contact.html

      Bluewater Packaging Groups's website used to say:

      Bluewater is a wholly owned subsidiary of Onefocus EU Ltd and suppliers pay a 1% rebate to Onefocus in support of its charitable interests. If you would like to become a supplier to the Bluewater Packaging Group, please email purchasing@bluewaterpackaginggroup.com or write to:

      Bluewater Packaging Group
      c/o Onefocus EU Ltd
      Welcome House
      Falkland Close
      CV4 8AU

      That's separation of 'church' and business is it?

      The new website doesn't mention this. Also the address have moved to Hazel Products' location in Leeds.

  4. So if any exEB are thinking about going back (for some insane reason, or just to see their kids/family), start saving up to pay for your UBT $ub$cription now. Also be prepared to include in your written & signed statement of contrition, a few lines to the effect of how sorry you are for your "disloyalty to Mr Hales". You may have to write your confession several times until it is juuusst rrright for acceptance by the Grate Man via your local Preests. Good luck.

    1. Several folk have said they've had to write a declaration of allegiance to Bruce D Hales prior to being allowed back into the cult.

    2. What a crock of shit! - its like a story out of the Globe!

    3. I beg your pardon, Noel? These people aren't lying - they went through quite a lot of tribulation trying to come up with phraseology that would satisfy their priests (well, BDH really - we all know how these things work) before being allowed back. Anyone would think they were trying to rejoin some sort of CULT.

  5. I believe your comments above are disrespectful to Hitler!

  6. "he personally will write you out of the book of life!"

    While I fully accept Laurie's quote on this, it is so serious that any extra information or documentation confirming this would be a real help. Is in the printed "ministry" so called?

  7. Are the persons that sign this document given a copy of what they signed? Do they
    have a legal right to be given a copy?

    1. If they have any sense they'll most definitely keep a copy!