Tuesday, 17 December 2013

From Wiki-how totally non awesome are these Hales exclusive brethren by our friend Abishag


I was most interested to note an editorial by Australian journalist and cartoonist -Larry Pickering giving a broad-reaching list of cost savings to the current government in which he includes: 
Tax religious organisations: (Currently a rort that encourages harmful cults.) 

How spot on is that! Which got me to thinking about our little cult. And how incredibly dishonest they really are. And how hungry they are for all that free money. I don't know how much their PR consultants had to do with it, but you can just see their deceitful thought processes as you work through the chain of events over the past two years. 

Realizing that they as a so-called church do absolutely NOTHING for the communities in which they live - having done NOTHINGfor years except to TAKE from the taxpayer -they dream up a scheme that will have the least effect on them in the contamination department. Plus it's relatively cheap. Plus they don't have to actually touch or house any of the world's inquisitive or downtrodden. Like the Catholics and Anglicans do. A quick pie and bible -for one hour- and it's out the door! A quick sandwich at an accident site and back home for the Ministry Meeting. 

Well- right after they have praised themselves on their website first of course. "Awesome job guys - I was amazed at how you made those sandwiches while that building was burning. Totally awesome." Of course the one who should be in awe is one Bruce Hales - who builds a mansion for himself and tries to out- class his southern lieutenant in the 'best church' department while amassing private family trusts to keep his genes all-powerful for generations to come. While I might add- putting his hand out for taxpayer dollars to keep his cruel family-wrecking cult afloat financially- so it does not affect his amazingly generous 'cut' and lifestyle. 

If you want to fund your separatist schools Bruce Hales- cut back on the private jets. If you really want to help people - stop giving away meaningless pies and bibles to nosy strangers who will recieve no further or worthwhile benefit from you - and start throwing some dollars at those whose lives you have destroyed. If you want to ramp up your bottom line - rethink the five million dollar house you have just built for yourself and the squillion dollar churches you keep building to make yourselves look legitimate. 

See it's too easy for these clever cult schemers and their highly paid dodgy PR consultants to come up with ways to scam the general public for their money. I mean what's next. A Hare Krishna thing where they roam the streets singing hymns with their hands out? Sheeesh- I shouldn't give them ideas.

But their endless publicity and new whiteboard-bred slogans- like "Reaching out for 50 years" are as insulting as they are patently untrue. The Exclusive Brethren or Plymouth whatevers have done NO PUBLIC good for at least 50 years. They shun the world and despise the people in it. They say so themselves! And yet - they expect us to pay - for them!

But, if you are one of the thousands who has had your life turned upside down and lost your family for ever - who ALSO has to put their hand in their pockets to support this dodgy mob - it gets real personal. And real insulting. 

Governments everywhere should remove this cult's ability to milk funds from the taxpayer. Because -behind closed doors - they are laughing their heads off at us. And if you want to prove the point- a bunch of us ex-Brethren who were treated appallingly by this rabble of religious confusion will come with you to their next pie day. We'll play a game. If they don't squirm - they are not a cult. But you will see that they do. And the gates will be locked in nano-seconds. Again. Anyone who only opens their (carpark) gates to the public once every few months - for an hour- is a CULT. Not a church. Churches DON'T lock the world out. They welcome it in!

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  1. Well said. It is physically sickening to see their fake displays of charity.