Tuesday, 3 December 2013

From park benches to pelican crossings- the PBCC continue to schmooze Councillors and Parliamentarians at every level


Strangely the last couple of Gift Aid claims have not been refunded to this trust nevertheless Howard Tennant and David parsons look remarkably smug.


  1. Thinking about road safety: It's often commented on about the HEB's liking of whisky. With the numerous meetings on a Sunday are they drinking whisky inbetween and driving drunk?

  2. The Police are well aware of this and have often discussed setting up breath testing stations at the ends of meeting room streets on Lord's Days. However the Police are also aware that crime rockets when the brethren's open air preaching is stifled, and banging too many brethren up for DUI would therefore cause the crime rate to rocket and they don't want that in their area either. Johnnie Walker rides again! Hic!

    1. I don’t believe this story about HEB preaching having an influence on crime figures, because I have never seen EB outdoor preaching having an influence on anything at all. In my experience the audience rarely amounts to more than a few sparrows and the occasional stray dog. I could believe that a police officer once said something about it, but maybe he was just being polite.

  3. James, I like your tongue-in-cheek response. It does tell me there is a risk they're driving drunk. That's simply not clever. Zebra crossing or not, the pedestrians, the drivers etc are at at risk from these drunks.

  4. Thames Valley Police will be taking part in the European TISPOL (European Traffic Police Network) police campaign to crack down motorists who drink drive.
    All police forces across Europe will be conducting random checks and breathalysing drivers throughout the week commencing Monday 9 December to Sunday 15 December.
    Drivers who are found to be over the drink drive limit will be arrested and could face a prison sentence or a fine of up to £5,000.
    During last year’s campaign, 73 drivers were arrested for drink driving in the Thames Valley during TISPOL week, which is run to support the national annual Christmas drink driving campaign throughout the month of December.
    Sgt Chris Appleby, from the Joint Roads Policing Department, said: “This campaign is another example of the determination and continuous commitment of Thames Valley Police to tackle the issue of drink driving in our communities. Drivers who choose to break the law will be prosecuted.”