Wednesday, 4 December 2013


The rather interesting header of Haslem Wells CEO Ben Haslem (PBCC PR firm).


  1. See the light Laurie7 December 2013 at 20:49

    Hi Laurie, you could do with a crisis management guru, why don't you give him a call?? why don't you see that Jilly,is just using you up, she has hoodwinked you and she thinks it is funny that she has fooled you, you are the mug who takes the flak while she watches. Get on with your life and leave her to fight her own battles.
    You will never be a leader because you have far too many weak points, tell her that you are taking a break. Certain other people have seen sense so why don't you make the sensible choice, take down your blog and move on.

    1. Are you the same person who sent another post 7 minutes earlier than this one alleging that Laurie is a junkie? The two posts have similar characteristics of spelling, punctuation and vocabulary, and appear to have similar purposes. Am I right in thinking you are hoping to persuade Laurie to close his blog?

      The weakness of your approach is that each of your posts undermines the credibility of the other. They remind me of some unsavoury postings that appeared on Richard Stay’s blog implying scurrilous things about Richard and Laurie. What I remember about the style and purpose suggests these earlier allegations could have been from you too. Were they? Just asking.

  2. To 'See the light Laurie' ,

    Your posting in this thread is a mystery to me. I wish you'd expressed yourself clearly and cogently so that readers from all backgrounds could understand what you mean and why you're writing in this way.

    Are you writing on behalf of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church?

    You end by asking Laurie to "take down" his blog. Why do you say that?

  3. Perhaps "See the light Laurie" is actually frightened of the light being shone upon the Exclusive Brethren (aka Plymouth brethren Christian Church).
    Perhaps he could explain why the Exclusive Brethren do not like any viewpoint that is out of accord with theirs?
    Perhaps he could explain why all contributions to the PBCC website that are not supportive of that organisation are promptly removed? Why is that?

  4. I concur with both Ian and Joan’s comments regards “See the light Laurie”

    I can only take the view that “See the light Laurie” is an Exclusive Brethren aka PBCC member, as the terminology, random comments without support of evidence and personal attack are the standard methods employed by EB members

    This blog, by Laurie Moffitt, was started on 22 September 2013 and has received nearly 34,000 views up to time of writing this. Therefore, with such high traffic levels, it’s strange no Exclusive Brethren member has commented until now.

    The initial post by “See the light Laurie” is an interesting contribution, because rather than make relevant & valid additions to the debate, the contribution just raises more questions.

    So in seeking clarity,

    - Who is “Jilly” ?, is this a reference to Jill Mytton ?, is your second sentence a thinly veiled childish attempt to try spread dissent among the ranks of the campaigners who are exposing the Exclusive Brethren for what they really are ?

    (Your second sentence is an example of a classic Exclusive Brethren political manoeuvre to attempt to divide and conquer. It’s frequently used against a Husband & Wife, both trying to leave the group. Through the use of emotional blackmail, rumours, scaremongering, brainwashing, discrediting and trying to divide the loyalties of one spouse against the other, you apply the tactic of divide & conquer. Through this, either both are persuaded to stay, or, one spouse is persuaded to stay and the other leaves, thereby splitting up the marriage. There could not be a more unchristian practice !)

    - Do you represent the opinions of the UK hierarchy such as Garth Christie, Peter Trevvett, Bruce Hazel, et al ?

    - How has “Jilly” supposedly “hoodwinked” and “fooled” ?, Just like Councillor Richard Stays blog this one is also full of actual evidence and documents from the Exclusive Brethren. So how is using real evidence hoodwinking & fooling anyone ?, unless you are saying the documents of the Exclusive Brethren are themselves full of nonsense & therefore hoodwinking & fooling the membership ?

    - Why would anyone be “taking a break” from exposing the truth about the Exclusive Brethren aka hiding under the fictitious name of Plymouth Brethren Christian Church ?, why would anyone “take a break” from exposing the totally unchristian actions & practices, or the detriment & harm of dividing up families ?

    - Is your reference to “Certain other people have seen sense” an oblique reference to Councillor Richard Stays Blog which was taken down in the Summer of 2013 ?, your comment implies you know more about this matter, please explain ?, your comment also gives me the impression the Exclusive Brethren put Richard Stay under pressure to close his blog, is this correct ?

  5. Thanks for all your replies, See the light Laurie, you squirming little toad. Just take a swig, man up and be accountable! Just like I did. Be proud to be photographed groping another man's wife saying "I am a pure man" and have it published in the paper! All this talk of 'Jilly' puts me in mind of my dear Maddie! Oh Maddie ....