Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas carol services


Having listened to some beautiful and moving Christmas carol services recently, I wonder why the Hales exclusive brethren don't 'do them'.

Perhaps those who are older and wiser would advise.

Antipathy to instrumentation during both public and private services seems bizarre.


  1. The EB don't keep Christmas. Why? Because they are turkeys.

  2. And Gadsden is the goose (Gobble Mighty).

  3. Is that the organ in Saint Pauls Cathedral, London ? The organ console is in the middle of the floor and the choir stalls can be seen.


    1. And maybe that's Matthew the HEB accountant playing it, when he was over here freely travelling around having lovely cultural holidays (aka pre-approved by the hierarchy business travel) looking for a non-arranged wife?

  4. The trouble is that the EBs behave like turkeys voting for Christmas!!

  5. Here is what the EB say about the Christian calendar...

    Although we look forward to and appreciate the “Public Holidays” throughout the year as providing a good opportunity for family time, in the sense of ‘religious observance” we don’t celebrate any particular holiday. Our celebration is the Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion) which we hold weekly."

    So the EB celebrate a weekly holiday on Sunday (a day they call the Lord's day) and a must-not-work holiday on Saturday (they call the Sabbath), but don't observe any other Christian holidays or festivals. They not only don't observe them, but forbid children from participating in such an event at school.

    That is really weird.

    So they are OK with a weekly tipple to remember His last supper, but no Christmas to remember His birth, or Easter to remember His death and resurrection, or Epiphany, or His baptism, or Candlemas, or Palm Sunday, or Maundy Thursday, or His Ascension, or Pentecost, or Trinity Sunday, or The Assumption of Mary, or Thanksgiving, or many, many more.


    I think that it would be more honest if they had said...

    Although we look forward to and appreciate an excuse to take the odd day off work throughout the year as providing a good opportunity to spend time with the remnants of our family if we are lucky enough to still have one. However, we don't bother to celebrate any particular Christian holiday. Our only religious celebration is the Lord’s Supper whereby we all drink port (including babies) and eat bread made with holy hands (that means a member of the cult has made the loaf. It isn't unleavened bread as Christ had because that doesn't rise properly and costs more to make)."

    Still, we are a mainstream church and hold all the same beliefs as any other Christian church.


    Good, because the mainstream churches with a proven track record of charitable works and public benefit will be relieving you of your duties as trustees very soon so you can take even more time off work to enjoy the tiny remnants of your families (if you are lucky enough to have still got any).

    To the EB: wishing you a Happy December - earn well.
    To the rest of Christianity: wishing you a Happy Christmas - be blessed.