Friday, 29 November 2013

The sheer ignorance of the PBCC RRT

Yet again the Plymouth brethren Christian church fail to comply with the most basic lawful requirements by sending out untrained and ill equipped personell.

Here's the HSE listing of basic lawful requirements:

To then photograph these dangerous and careless, illegal acts and events for the PBCC self-praise website for the third time in as many months is incomprehensible.


  1. Steve Dickson (SLD) and Michael Smaldon (MJS) could advise them of the need for chainsaw safety, even when using under the protection of meeting room work.
    Have they forgotten?


  2. Even the RRT is Exclusive, just like the Brethren themselves.

    ' RRT members are located throughout the country, and are all members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC).'

    Are they able to do ANYTHING with anybody else?

    In the BHF Bag-A-Thon, couldn't they have collected goods with another organisation, or would that be an unequal yoke too?

    Their very recent derisory excursions into the world of charity, only go to show how little they will engage with the general public.

    When I see the PBCC join with other organisations in doing REAL charitable work, I might even be impressed. Especially if it's done in places where they don't have a meeting hall and charitable status to try and preserve.

    Like to comment on that, Granny?