Sunday, 10 November 2013

Remembrance Sunday

Watching the Remembrance Sunday commemoration events at The Cenotaph today made me think of the way we were forced to blank out these events, we were taught not even to think about them.

Not one wreath of remembrance laid by the Plymouth brethren Christian church anywhere! Messers. Hales, Christie and Hazell shame on you!

Frankly I'm ashamed to have once been part of a cult who coerce some 46,000 lemmings into being unfeeling, robotic money machines.

Restriction of opportunity certainly is a key aspect of PBCC control.


  1. That is some carpet of red in remembrance. Thank you for posting it.

  2. so the PBCC can't follow up their RRT public charitable charade even with a single wreath???
    When real men gave their lives fighting for this country, a real sacrifice, and the PBCC invent the RRT to buy their charitable status,with stunts like making sandwiches for firemen!!!
    The Verger

  3. This brings up a number of topics that could be discussed:
    - the Peebs won't support war remembrance yet are very quick to support nations such as the USA and the UK going to war - Iraq, the Falklands. Is this not a contradiction?
    - members aren't allowed to serve in the armed forces and in times of conscription forced members to serve as conscience objectors. Again - a contradiction? They take advantage of the "conscience" clause yet the individuals conscience is ignored. What if a young brother wanted to bear arms to serve his country?
    JTJr supported the Viet Nam war and at the same time all Peebs called up for military service went as C.O.'s. He also said Nixon was one of the best presidents ever! This brings up another topic - prophecy - how many of the Peeb prophecies have actually come to pass?