Thursday, 28 November 2013

Public relations damage control company Wells Haslem start tweeting and ramping up their efforts to defend the indefensible PBCC who continue to destroy families

The infinite wisdom of the Hales exclusive brethren knows absolutely no bounds as they employ their PR company Wells Haslem to paint a glossy veneer over the insidious cult that is now named the Plymouth brethren Christian church.


  1. On the scales of justice I doubt that any amount of sandwiches for fireman, worthy though that is, will compensate for a single forced broken family. Just a very few years ago possession of a camera able to film such things would result in expulsion and family loss.

  2. No amount of providing sandwiches for firemen will compensate for cutting off people who decide that they no longer wish to be members of this church. It is only a few short years since you would be excommunicated for even owning a camera such as the on e used to make this film. That would ensure that you never saw your loved ones ever again. Similarly, even now, you would be excommunicated if you became a fireman.

  3. "amazing work by our client PBCC asssiting in recent charity"

    What the heck is "asssiting"?!? Ass-tying? A-siting? Ass-sitting?

    Somebody typing in a frenzied hurry, I assume! I hope the PBCC aren't paying Haslem Wells for their spelling, lol.

  4. A number of people sent replies to the tweet by @WellsHaslem here are a few of them

    @WellsHaslem Thats the misleadingly rebranded #ExclusiveBrethren who divide families if members leave #Harmful …

    @WellsHaslem your client breaks up families in the name of Christianity #evilcult

    @WellsHaslem the recently rebranded Plymouth brethren Christian church have destroyed countless families globally for info look @WikiPeebia

    @WellsHaslem no amount of snacks for firemen compensates for a family destroyed-find the facts about this cult before you support the #PBCC

    @WellsHaslem Could you tell us how many Exclusive Brethren #PBCC are helping in the Philippines right now? Not too far away is it?

    @WellsHaslem take payments to tell lies on behalf of client #PBCC #ExclusiveBrethren @evans_maz refuses bribe to stop her telling the truth

    @WellsHaslem-Plymouth brethren Christian church member who suicided as a result of crazy doctrine #PBCC …

    There was no response from Wells Haslem until this morning 30/11/13. Their response has been to ‘Block’ all those who have responded from following the @WellsHaslem Twitter account

    'You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user.'

    So a PR company, representing a so called Christian Church now tries to suppress dialogue, truth and evidence !

    Christians are supposed to follow the Bible and the teachings of Jesus which is inherently all about aspects of truth, warning about false witness and double standards, looking after fellow man, etc

    The Exclusive Brethren rebranded PBCC in 2012 loudly claimed to UK Parliamentarians in 2012 and 2013

    - we are just Christians
    - we only follow the bible
    - we are a mainstream christian church
    - we welcome scrutiny

    So how does any of what they have publicly claimed and the characteristics of being a Christian, such as - following the bible, the teachings of Jesus, etc, correspond, or fit in any way with their actions !

    It doesnt

    Having said that, the actions of Wells Haslem don’t entirely surprise me, after all PR is all about spin ! However, what real Christian Church needs a PR company ?

    The fact a Christian Church is a Christian Church should not need a PR company,that should be self evident in the actions and life of the Church at both individual & corporate levels. It should be self evident in how it deals with issues of Harm and how it interacts with the community, other Christians and other Christian Churches. It should be self evident in how it treats its own members and the families of its members

  5. Very good contribution!

  6. I have just watched the video featuring the RRT and I must confess that I am somewhat appalled by it. It is quite upsetting to see people praising them for their charitable works when the Exclusive Brethren have taken (and continue to take) so many detrimental and harmful actions against so many innocent people. They break up families, restrict education, punish non-conformists, and cause enormous amounts of loss and trauma to thousands of people.

    If Hitler had donated a few hundred Reichsmarks to the Red Cross, would we have applauded him and turned a blind eye to the sacrificed Jews? If Koresh had sponsored a park bench, would we sit on it and joyfully appreciate the scenery without a thought for the tragic loss of his followers in Waco? If Jones had cooked up a nice sausage for a few fire-fighters, would they tuck in to a juicy meal without a thought for the sad demise of his parishioners? Would the ordinary people in the Haslem-Wells promo video be so appreciative of a burger if they knew what this group REALLY did? Do they even know? Would they have stood in front of the cameras and thanked the Exclusive Brethren for a burger if they knew that hundreds of people are forcibly restricted from normal family relationships as punishment, many have not seen their brothers, sisters, parents, spouses for many years. Have they researched the Exclusive Brethren at all? Did Haslem-Wells tell the participants about the activities of the Exclusive Brethren before they were filmed? I presume they didn’t!

    Most ordinary people (and ethical businesses) would not support the destructive and separative actions of groups like the Exclusive Brethren. But when they provide food for those who don't really need it they get applauded!

    I am thankful for the existence of the internet as it has provided such an incredible vehicle for freedom of expression and open discussion and debate, but I am saddened that Haslem-Wells have decided to step in and block the access of contributors whose comments don’t fit their business objectives in the case of their client the Exclusive Brethren. If they were honest and ethical, they may have chosen to embrace the comments of the many victims of the Exclusive Brethren’s abuse, and even advised their client that their image will be better served by some changes in their practices. Sadly, they have chosen to block out the moving and heart-wrenching contributions from honest victims. For me, that says a lot. To take the money and hide the truth, is arguably prolonging the abuse and suffering. I understand the temptation, it may be costly for them to be ethical in this case, and they may be hesitant to confront or drop a rich client. But the fix is not (that means NOT) to block out the cries of the wounded as if they did not exist. Please Haslem-Wells, get real, get ethical, research this group, and DO something. Either recommend that the Exclusive Brethren come clean and ditch their destructive and separative doctrines, or resist their money and find your custom elsewhere.


  7. John Wells recently appeared before the Independent Commission Against Corruption in NSW