Friday, 8 November 2013

PBCC send out untrained and ill equipped chainsaw operatives

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how many Health and Safety rules are being flagrantly breached in the recent UK PBCC self publicity stunt!

The mind numbing ineptocracy of even thinking about letting an untrained chainsaw user loose to make the manoeuvre photographed on the PBCC website defies belief, publishing the said photograph on a public website is a recipe for disaster and a full Government HSE enquiry.

Having retailed  both Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws for 20 years I happen to be an expert in this field and it's associated regulation.

Last time the PBCC published photographs of one of their ill equipped, untrained chainsaw wielding lunatics it was removed within a few days- lets see how long this one lasts.

One of the first things you are told on any chainsaw course is NEVER use a chainsaw above shoulder level.However to do this with the face visor pushed back is just incredible.


  1. If he cuts his own head off, will he have suffered vicariously? Or would it be judgemental for having broken Health and Safety rules.

  2. Some of the Bluewater companies and the 'specialists' Baca in Northampton sell safety equipment. You'd think they'd know how to do it right then wouldn't you?

  3. ‘All workers who use a chainsaw should be competent to do so. Before using a chainsaw to carry out work on or in a tree, a worker should have received appropriate training and obtained a relevant certificate of competence or national competence award, unless they are undergoing such training and are adequately supervised. However, in the agricultural sector, this requirement only applies to first-time users of a chainsaw.’
    This means everyone working with chainsaws on or in trees should hold such a certificate or award unless:
    it is being done as part of an agricultural operation (eg hedging, clearing fallen ■■branches, pruning trees to maintain clearance for machines); and
    the work is being done by the occupier or their employees; ■■and
    they have used a chainsaw before 5 December 1998.


  4. I use pruning saws for such work; but it wouldn't be half as much fun as charging around on a "shout" in a 4 wheel drive with noisy, macho machinery. This looks more dramatic for the publicity photos.