Friday, 15 November 2013

Paul Goggins MP duped by the PBCC


Sadly the PBCC are continuing to dupe gullible members of both the public and Parliament with their half cocked hospitality-it's a real shame that they won't share even a cup of tea or a meal with those who don't take communion with them.

I wonder if Paul Goggins MP knows that no member of the PBCC in the last 40 years has been allowed to Graduate from University?


  1. Is Paul Goggins the man in the red tee shirt, standing next to the man in a blue check shirt with what appears to be a withered hand?

  2. That is Paul Goggins. He is now aware of situation having been sent, along with other things, a link to the TYR film.

  3. Can't HEB wear tee shirts? Are they 'casual' and wearing one will render the wearer a 'casualty'?