Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Bombardier CL-600 Twin Jet Challenger registration N 604 AU

Bruce D Hales 14 year old Jet positioned at Palmerston North airfield with a yellow ribbon tied neatly around the fuselage in remembrance of the many families destroyed by the PBCC cult.

Click below to view flight movements of said aircraft together with registration details.

Interestingly Anza Aviation membership is registered to BDH's old home address at 14 Clanalpine St NSW. 

(Brief note to BDH flunky Phil McNaughton's EA ; please register Anza Aviation membership for N604AU to 23 Trelawney street.)


  1. Bit of an old wreck! Like driving round in an old 'B' reg Hillman Minx

  2. membership??? Must be unequal yokes are ok now

  3. It looks like car travel is no longer acceptable for someone of such great riches. Sounds like a humble servant of the Lord to me

  4. I've never seen such a huge carbon footprint. A private jet for an 18 minute flight?? Get real Bruce, you may be separate, but we still have to share the planet with you. I see nothing charitable in destroying the atmosphere to selfishly bolster your own ego and standing among the Exclusive Brethren. What happened to the cycle riding initiative? Or was that simply to hoodwink local planning authorities? Is this where all the charitable money raised by the EB goes? Here's me thinking that it's only important people travel by private jet, how wrong I was!

  5. I regularly click on the Flightaware link to follow the progress of the Big Fella as he wings his way around. It's like those "Follow Santa" sites that show where he is on Christmas Eve as he flies through different time zones. Exciting stuff!!

  6. BDH and his followers are worse than the present band of television evangelists on US tv. If you want to compare go to 'www.inplainssite./org' tv evangelists lifestyle. And make sure you scroll down to "leaving on a jet plane" - BDH is right up there with the 'big boys' with his jet.