Saturday, 23 November 2013

More false promises of outreach from the Plymouth brethren Christian church

There's no such thing as a free meal particularly where the PBCC are concerned.

Offer-withdraw, give- then attempt to claw back.

All part of the insidious web of falsehoods, inconsistencies and intrigue that was not so long ago known as the Hales exclusive brethren.

Tim Hibbert and Martin Magee ought to at least get in touch with me to discuss issues of concern if they wish to save their proverbial bacon with the PBCC CEO. and various dignitaries.

Fancy inviting a local community, it's Councillors and Parliamentarians for a free meal and bible then at the last minute simply canning the whole junket because an ex member of your Church offers to attend the so called 'outreach'.

This to me certainly doesn't represent public benefit.


  1. I'm so disappointed - LOL.

    How can they cancel something where "their sole purpose is to hand out bibles"?

    Could it be that their conscience bit them in the butt and next time they advertise a "pie day" they will let the public know why they are really doing this? Or is it that they are scared that some EX exclusive brethren will show up and expose them for who and what they really are?

  2. I hope the crime rate in Dunstable does not increase as a result of this cancellation of the free distribution of Christian Bibles and Gospel Literature today. The PBCC claim that their open air preaching reduces crime rates in the area.

    If Harry Trundletwerp had travelled all the way to Bedfordshire from East Sussex, he'd have been very disappointed. It would have meant having a McDougal's burger, which as we know from the official Plymouth Brethren Christian Church website, he rates as second best to theirs. You were right Harry, no such thing as a free lunch in Dunstable today!

    Granny Trundletwerp

    1. Hello Granny Trundletwerp, maybe you and Granny Handel should get together and both cook for your hungry grandson and his friends? I'm sure you'd have an awesome time!

  3. Someone may have locked the gates and prevented them from getting in to light the BBQ?

  4. I wonder why Bruce Hales' ministry doesn't appear to make reference to the recent goodwill towards the community. Indeed, the antipathy towards non-brethren appears to be maintained in recorded ministry.
    It’s interesting to note the quantity of references in the ‘ministry’ of Bruce David Hales
    Business: 11 PAGES
    Care: 2 pages but no reference to those not in the EB
    Charity zero reference
    Compassion: – 8 references – none about non-EB. Includes the crass statement ‘if you don’t ask for it you won’t get it’ which is not compassion at all: compassion, according to the EB-recommended Merriam Webster dictionary, is defined as the feeling of empathy for others. Compassion is the emotion that we feel in response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help.
    World/worldly: 19 pages.
    My own view is that charity and compassion is not something which is an item of teaching or doctrine in the EB but simply a matter of current expedience. When not required it can be dropped.