Monday, 4 November 2013

More balderdash from the top

B.D.Hales pocket white book Volume 519 Bristol 3rd October 2013


  1. As 'universal' leader of this group of Exclusive Brethren, Bruce D Hales feels he has the right to discuss what his female followers should wear, and the Bible and Gospel Trust is willing to publish his words.

    That is not the behaviour of a leader or a publishing house of a mainstream church. Even in a private club, a male leader would be very reluctant to talk like that. Cult leaders do speak in that way.

    In many situations Brethren women and girls would be much more respectable if they wore trousers - when they are bending over while gardening, for example, or up a ladder cleaning windows, or out shopping on a windy day, or walking on the Fells.

    It's so odd that Bruce D Hales should direct his female followers like this. He seems to have an irrational fear of unisex clothing styles - and yet many of us have sat among his brethren and noticed that 'sisters' and 'brothers' both wear cardigans.

  2. Just occasionally in EB ministry I read a sentence that sounds very sensible, or sometimes even commendable, and then I find that its intention is actually the opposite of what I thought.

    When I read, “Why such a lot of fuss and bother over an extra two inches on the skirts,” I thought at last BDH has realised that skirt length was not something worth fussing about, not something worthy of discussion in church, not something that he is qualified to pronounce on, and then I find that he means exactly the opposite.

    In J.T.Jr’s ministry I was initially pleased to find a passage which read as follows:
    H.C.MacG. One's own education may have been limited but there may be a desire to see that the
    children get a better one, in order to get further advancement.
    J.T.Jr. Yes, that is right. You are thinking of them, and want them to excel in school, to excel everywhere so that you can be proud of them.

    But when I looked at the context I was saddened to find that he was actually condemning this academic ambition. He saw it as preparing the children for a place in Egypt, which is the Brethren codeword for anything that is not EBism. He went on to condemn graduation ceremonies. It was apparently all right to hand children their school diploma, but not to celebrate it.

    I think the Brethren’s antipathy to scholarship in the late 20th Century is one of the saddest features of their culture, and it probably provided a breeding ground for a lot of crazy ministry that a little bit of learning could have prevented.

  3. The Hales Exclusive Brethren fed that same crap to my sister in law when my brother was leaving the Hales Exclusive Brethren. "If you do the right thing, your husband will get right and come back to you". Over 15 years later my sister in law called me and was crying inconsolably because she had made the wrong choice in leaving her marriage with my brother. My brother never had any intention of returning to those chains of bondage and my sister in law was stuck in there leading the miserable existence of a single woman in the Exclusive Brethren - looked down on for not being able to keep her husband in fellowship, no children, not allowed to remarry and nothing to look forward to - just one very bleak existence!!

    1. Dear Anonymous 6 November 14:08 - it's very sad to read your posting.

      For some while I've been concerned about the plight of women in this group of Exclusive Brethren. I worry that they aren't treated as equals, that they have no formal teaching role in the assembly, that their educational opportunities are severely limited and that 'brothers' patronise and sometimes even bully them.

      This recent ministry by Bruce D Hales is shocking. Doesn't he realise that it's weird for middle aged men to be discussing the length of women's skirts when they're addressing a meeting? I'm surprised that Londoner Bruce Hazell, who was present, didn't actively stop Mr Hales from making such an egregious mistake.

      If you read the published Volume 148 of James Taylor Jnr's ministry you will see that in 1970 he was obsessed by 'sisters'. Bruce D Hales reveres James Taylor Jnr - I believe he calls him 'The Beloved'. James Taylor Jnr referred to women as 'silly'. As far as I know Bruce D Hales has never repudiated that teaching.

      A review of the damage that James Taylor Jnr did to the Brethren at the end of his life is long overdue, and women among others would probably be the beneficiaries of such an undertaking.

    2. Part of the reason that I left the HEB when my husband did was because I couldn't face the life of being a single "sister" in the brethren. Single "sisters" are looked down on even more than married "sisters" - treated as inferior beings, who haven't managed to snag or hold on to their husband. I remember such things as being invited to a fellowship meeting as a single young person (around age 25) and being placed to stay with an elderly lady (75+) and the only other person staying there was another elderly lady with whom I had to share a bed. What kind of crazy lunatic would do this kind of thing and expect that someone would want to stay in fellowship with that group?

    3. Joan, dear Joan, Bruce Hales does not make mistakes, egregious or otherwise dontcha know! Bruce Hazell would have been on the skids good and proper, had he the temerity to "actively stop" the leader of the EB personality cult doing anything. That's just how it works... and that is why the EB is so wrong, so dangerous, and so fraudulently uncharitable at its heart..

    4. 'there was another elderly lady with whom I had to share a bed'

      I understand BDH has blown on the idea of men sharing a bed. Shame he appears not to have informed his own son!

  4. Going on at about the length of a women's dress or skirt shows the paucity of the so called Bible teaching.

    Nothing here extolling Christ and His person and glory. So sad.

  5. Regarding women in the EB, unless things have changed drastically recently, they do not have easy access to a microphone in their meeting halls. They are readily available in the brother's rows. What does that tell us?

    1. Women and men sit separately in the meeting halls? Why?

    2. In the PBCC men are important, women are peripheral. Women cook sausages for other women's husbands. Ex-leader Big Jim Taylor bedded another man's wife.