Monday, 18 November 2013

John Gadsden on faulty administration and demon possession

Chippenham UK Wednesday 5th Dec. 2012 white booklet 483


  1. you know who I am18 November 2013 at 22:08

    JGG was nick named 'Goose' when he was younger and he still is. I remember that he smacked me across the face outside Camberwell hall because I said something smart to him. I would have been about 10 or 11 at the time - what a goose!

  2. Extracts like this show how far the Brethren have lagged behind the progress that the rest of society has made towards promoting more civilized behaviour, such as greater recognition and widespread acceptance of the principles of equality, human rights, autonomy and self-determination. Because of their insular lifestyle, many of them haven’t a clue about what constitutes acceptable behaviour in civilized society.

    JGG says, “. . . one matter after another, one individual after another, who may have suffered at the hands of faulty administration; that may be the case, but we trust that's been put completely right.”

    If JGG had any clue about what constitutes acceptable behaviour, he would realise that these things are very far from having been “put completely right,” because most of the same unacceptable Brethren behaviour is still going on. Some brethren members who question the authority of the ministry or leave the sect are still being treated very badly, and even people who have never been HEB members are treated in a way that I can only describe as extreme sectarianism. Members who criticise HEB teachings or practices are often denounced, ostracised and abandoned, and called by ridiculous names, such as “traitors” or “demon-possessed.” How ironic it is that JGG demonstrates the falsehood of his own statements!

  3. So: the administration is faulty (we knew) but the ones who are demonic are those who point it out!

  4. John G, I would just like to point out that you either misunderstand the effects of the faulty administration of your 'church', or you have perhaps deliberately used the wrong tense... I refer to the following, of yours:
    "...one individual after another, who may HAVE suffered at the hands of faulty administration..." (my capitals)

    Mr Gadsden, can you try to open your heart to the fact that the grievous situation caused by Brethren discipline & separatist actions, does NOT ONLY have impact on the *past*. What the Brethren need be cognisant of - and SHOULD be aware of, and fixing, as a supposedly now-charitable church - is the fact that HEB practice & doctrine is also causing suffering, loss and trauma every day NOW. And it causes suffering not just to ex-members! HEB separation policies - both directly and indirectly - hurt people who are not and have never been in your group. E.g. children & grandchildren of ex-members; people who used to be friends with Brethren at school or in the few other areas of society in which Brethren are allowed to venture; people who try to be friends with HEB neighbours (that's using the word 'friends' in the normal societal usage... proper kindness, equality, sharing, WWJD kind of stuff - not the HEB version of "Oh I'm friends with my worldly neighbours alright, what are you talking about?" nonsense where you wouldn't even share a cup of tea with a neighbour who needed to talk & fellowship.)

    As for the historical (& not so historical) "faulty Brethren administration" activity worldwide which caused & causes so much suffering and even suicide, do you not understand John Gadsden that the HEB - by doing nothing other than a quick verbal or written 'sorry' at their so-called review a decade ago, followed by a short period of love-bombing, followed by re-shunning of those suffering under EB-forced family breakup - succeeded in just compounding the ghastly errors they made in the first place? That ghastliness stays with the recipients every single day of their lives since. It did not stop when the Brethren said sorry (to a very few exEB); it got WORSE.

    Your remedy now is to label all of us who have the temerity to speak up about this ongoing travesty of human rights, as "demon-possessed"? Jesus wept. There is something very unsound at the heart of the Brethren group, when one of its elders makes comments such as yours, JGG.

    Please try again to say whatever it was you meant to say, and let us know what the HEB worldwide are doing to repair the extreme uncharitableness of their faulty administrative activities against ex-members and their descendants... and how the Brethren are going to stop any further occurrences as a result of disciplinary or just plain arrogant separatist activities. Thank you.

    And in case you think my "demons" are making me joke around, I am not joking in the slightest. There NEEDS to be a fix. The Brethren are taking these ghastly actions in the name of Christ, which will incur the most terrible of penalties if you believe in karma or an afterlife or the most foundational part of any Christian creed. Or human rights legislation. It is not acceptable for a church to interfere in one's family life, education, or choice of religion. The EB/HEB buggered up all three for me, and now my children also suffer because of that past AND ongoing EB interference in my rights. So yes, this is personal, and yes I am angry and hurt - both for myself & for others.

    Finally, hear this. I and many others I know, do not "bring up matter after matter" out of hate, you silly man! We don't hate Brethren at all; we just hate the effects of some of their activities, past & present. I hope what some of us have written to you on here will help Brethren - and you as an elder and spokesperson, particularly - get a better understanding of the words and actions of LOVE. Love can sometimes mean taking a stand and saying the difficult stuff. Selah.

  5. How long was Gadsden out of the Brethren for? Years and years and years. Only brought back to help Brew Sales make more money.

  6. Separatedness is the abscense of Love. We are ALL part of God. God is Love. Love is all there is in all universes, galaxies and Cosmos. All else is an Illusion. The rational mind has been saying that it is a very real Illusion for thousands of years. Meditate, quiet the chattering mind, go into your Heart, the space around your physical heart, where your soul anchors to matter. Know Thyself.