Monday, 11 November 2013

Heartbreaking scenes in the Phillipines

From Wikipeebia today;


Awful, heart-breaking scenes in the Philippines following the typhoon. Lots of hi-vis jackets around, but none bearing the PBCC RRT logo. One can only assume that a real crisis (anything more than a few toppled trees) is beyond them. Last week they showed they are perfectly capable of chartering aircraft for their own use, how about filling one with their sausages and steak sandwiches now and sending it over to people who have lost everything, rather than giving them to firemen who really don't need their food to survive?

Events like this are real litmus tests for charities.


  1. quite remarkable given the scale of absolute destruction and consequent desperate human need.not a shred of help from the RRT, an apparently invaluable source of humanitarian help in times of need??? so the public are led to believe.
    Maybe this disaster happened in the wrong place? a Godless country in their view??

    The Verger

  2. Are we sure that there is not a shred of help from the RRT? They could choose to donate a couple of grand if they think they will get a good return on the investment?

  3. 'Are we sure that there is not a shred of help from the RRT?'

    Do you think they could have done something and not trumpeted on about it somewhere? Doesn't that defeat the whole object of their 'charitable' endeavours?

  4. a good point Anonymous11 November 2013 16:36
    That would then expose them as the Christians they are not?

  5. "rather than giving them to firemen who really don't need their food to survive?"

    Come on Laurie, that's a bit far fetched.

  6. '"rather than giving them to firemen who really don't need their food to survive?"

    Come on Laurie, that's a bit far fetched'

    Oh? Hungry fire fighters are a real problem are they? Guys collapsing from ladders with malnutrition? Working conditions that do not allow for food intake?

    Get real Anonymous 03:25! So is it only since last year that fire fighters have been under nourished?

    The real story of the PBCC RRT and the Philippines is a) It's more than a few minutes drive in a car away, b) There are no Exclusive Brethren in Asia at all and c) There is no press coverage to be had unless they do something monumental, which is unlikely.

    The PBCC would be well advised to stick to their core business of being a church, do that properly and do away with the ridiculous and ill-founded doctrine of separation. That truly would be awesome for those of us who don't even know whether our brothers and sisters are even still alive.

  7. Now that these comments have been made it is probably quite reasonable to assume that the EB will send some money there through a Government Agency. If they do I am pretty sure that we - and the whole world - will get to know about it. So that they can stand out from what pretty well every church in the country is doing they'll probably do it on an enormous scale and send a few John Hales tracts along and some JND Bibles as well. How long before they join up with Fanklin Graham (son of Billy), another conman and best mates with Rupert Murdoch and Sarah Palin and other extreme rightwingers. They've already adopted his shoebox name.

  8. Anonymous12 November 2013 07:12 - sorry, but my brother was hospitalised after the NSW bushfires in Australia and although he survived I find the comment that firefighters don't need food to survive a little hard to swallow. He worked almost 37 hours without a break in extreme conditions. Anybody in this situation - firefighter or otherwise needs food to survive. Like to see how many others could endure these extremes. Think before you comment.

  9. Sorry to hear about your brother. Was he hospitalised for malnutrition, Anonymous 14 November 2013 23:22? I would question the command chain of an organisation that does not provide basic necessities for it's staff. One wonders who provides food and water for these brave guys where there are no Exclusive Brethren in the vicinity? As to enduring extremes, I was a member of the Exclusive Brethren, but left as what they say and what they do, does not stack up.

    Where I lived , the Brethren were so 'charitable' that a guy who suffered with epilepsy was left to live in a 'colony' because he didn't quite fit in with their idea of normal. I have two sisters who have not spoken to me in many years because I left their church.

    Think hard before you respond.

  10. Anonymous15 November 2013 23:17

    I have given this great thought before I respond. I now realise that you have no compassion towards life - regardless of the circumstances.
    Let's be clear on this - I was searching for articles about the RRT in NSW as during the recent fires, we heard many good things about them (although I personally, nor my brother) came across them. I was directed to this blog via a Google search and was dismayed at the comments regarding firemen. End of the story. To answer your question - he was hospitalised for severe smoke inhalation, exhaustion, and yes you are correct...malnutrition.

    I don't intend to continue commenting to someone with no regard to life.

  11. Anonymous 17 November 2013 23:17 my full time care of a disabled spouse suggests otherwise, but thank you for your judgement.

    I often wonder why, in the midst of a charitable charm campaign, my spouse's PBCC family who write to UK Government saying they will 'do anything to help anybody' continue to show her neither love, nor compassion? One day you will realise that the PBCC are only feeding fire fighters to achieve their own ends (to retain their charitable status which is worth many millions of $$$'s and £££'s).

    Let me make it very clear, I have no issue with fire fighters.

  12. Anonymous17 November 2013 07:40 please refer to the original post:
    "rather than giving them to firemen who really don't need their food to survive?"
    Right.... I understand (I think not)

  13. Anonymous above.

    Then it is scandalous that in a civilised country in 2013 fire fighters are actually being hospitalized for malnutrition. It is certainly not the case in UK, where the PBCC also feed fire fighters. If I have misjudged the situation in Australia, I apologise unreservedly, but wonder why the PBCC have only just become involved? One could say better late than never, but having needed to 'google' PBCC RRT to find about them, you obviously don't know them as well as I do.

    Bear in mind that saying 'there is no such thing as a free lunch'.

  14. Anonymous 17 November 2013 08.:38 - Please read the phrase carefully
    " rather than giving them to firemen who really don't need their food to survive?"

    Note the use of the word "their" - this is referring to the PBCC food and not to the fire fighters chiefs. Of course Fireman need food - the question being asked is
    "can the fire fighters survive or will they be malnourished if the PBCC don't come along with food".

    To answer that question with a 'no they cannot survive they will suffer malnutrition' means that you are saying that the fire fighting organisation, whatever they are called, are not meeting their obligations to feed and water their firefighters. Which to me would be disgraceful if true. Australia is surely rich enough to feed their fire fighters. As the next anonymous person says - it is scandalous to suggest fire fighters are being hospitalised for malnutrition - if true then shame on the Australians.

    The government in the Philippines however is not rich enough and large sections of their country are destroyed. Anyone who donates to the fund to help is donating a pittance in the real amount that will be needed. Even a £1,000,000 is a pittance.

    And of course the vast majority of people donating, apart from the governments' contributions, are unknown, they don't go round bragging about how much they have given and they certainly don't expect charitable status just because they have donated.

    I wonder how many PBCC members as individuals have rung the telephone lines set up to accept donations? We should never be told of course.