Friday, 8 November 2013

Further evidence of the disappearing wall between the main hall and the foyer in a PBCC establishment.

The rooms are now specially designed for overloading, in the event of a fellowship meeting with BDH or other heavies the foyer can be crammed with seats and images projected onto screens of the great men speaking.

Gender segregation is a feature of all meetings whereby females sit in the back rows with no microphones.


  1. Are those TV screens hanging on the wall in the lobby?

  2. no...coat pegs if I remember rightly!

  3. Interesting comment, anonymous 18:33. The normal foyer/cloakroom facilities must be elsewhere. Maybe the reason why planning shows so many 'toilets'? What are the directives on clocks and mirrors these days?
    ps Smoke and clocks are different things.

  4. Still no clocks and mirrors - both JTJr directives. This forces the brothers to keep pulling their watches out of their pockets to check the time during a boring reading. As well all the sisters have to carry mirrors in their purses to be used judiciously while they are in the loo.


  5. Where do they put all the screaming kids these days?

  6. The screaming kids don't get invited to special mtgs and never have, silly billy! That's what the hoards of babysitters - remember them? - are for. To stay home and look after them.

    Speaking of foyers and over-crowding: I was told by a current HEB that when a tipped-off Safety Officer turned up from the local Fire Service to inspect at special BDH meetings in the UK, afterwards the local Brethren were told he "had been invited". Apparently there was a quick shuffle-about of Brethren who'd been cramming the aisles, but I gather they think they "got away with that one". Hopefully it will at least have made them take a little more care with the numbers invited to future gigs, & safety of Blub Bren thereat.