Saturday, 16 November 2013

BDH on University education

BDH volume P521 fellowship meeting at Sydney 26/10/13


  1. Is he rambling on about thinkers or drinkers? It isn't clear. I set a good precedent. I'd hate to see it all go to waste!

  2. Here's a "spiritual communication" for you, BDH & co: The EB insistence that the reason they won't eat with non-Breth is because Jesus didn't eat with sinners after his resurrection... is just BOLLOCKS, pure and simple. You don't even have to have gone to "God's school" to work that one out... but even people who HAVE been to theological college or have devoted themselves to bible study and/or being godly, will still tell you it's arrogant spiritual pride and cultishness that makes the HEB believe in such bollocks.

    Time for the 'lord' to do a swerve on EB non-eating policy, eh BDH? Way Past Time.

  3. Dear Mr Hales,

    The account of the faith of the woman in first century Galilee who had suffered for twelve years and was healed by Jesus is beautifully recorded in Luke's Gospel - a moving insertion into the record of the raising of Jairus's twelve year old daughter.

    In 2013, however, a woman suffering from the debilitating condition of endometriosis needs to seek medical advice, and a physician and a surgeon will work together to solve her problem.

    It's such a shame that your opinion about university education means that young Brethren women and men can never train to become doctors. I hope that you will reconsider this directive and encourage your young and older people to go to university and study for degrees in whatever subject interests them.

    I had a Brethren doctor before the end of James Taylor Jnr's years as leader. She was proficient, professional and immensely kind. I'd like to see other Brethren women being given the opportunity to follow in her footsteps. It seems terrible to me that your word prevents this happening.


  4. To me these are the excuses of someone who feels inferior because they do not have a degree, and so to lamely justify that position they denounce it for all others, so no one can be superior to this inferior-feeling man. These are the words of someone intimidated by those around him with greater learning, yet someone who determines to continue to rule at all costs. In other words, a cult leader. From glory to the gutter in a few generations ...

  5. I thought the Exclusive Brethren were in charge of schools in the UK. Does the Department for Education know that their leader doesn't approve of degree level education?

  6. Universities more than any other institutions are committed to searching out truth and making it widely available. They have shown by long experience that full and free open inquiry, experiment and debate are fruitful methods of achieving that end. The application of these very methods has been spectacularly successful, and the truths and insights unearthed have massively improved the health, safety, prosperity, peace, understanding and morality of those who have participated.

    When the Exclusive Brethren leaders try to prevent access to that process they must at best be dreadfully misguided or at worst something much more sinister and selfish.

  7. Has Brew Sales got to God about his psoriasis yet?

  8. Yesterday I posted this on the EB website under their bagathon boast:

    "November 21, 2013 at 12:04 pm #
    Excellent work. Perhaps our young people might be inspired to become nurses, doctors and surgeons given the excellence of their recent academic achievements. The good work can then be extended right through the communities we serve.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation"

    The post never made it past the censors. Others can judge whether or not the post had any meaning. At least the censors will have read it.

  9. BDH’s comments on universities are astonishing. Almost as misguided as his superstitious distrust of computers, digital cameras, mobile phones and other scientific developments, an irrational, superstitious distrust that peaked a few years ago and has not yet completely subsided.

    In Vol. 4 page 213 he says if you get a university degree, it plagues you for your whole life.

    In Vol. Page 295 he says, “It doesn't mean anything, you know, to have a degree after your name, it doesn't mean anything. Anybody here in this room could get a degree, anybody, anybody, get a degree in anything. They offer you degrees in absolutely anything. People will study their whole life, or the better part of their lives, to get initials after their name. It proves absolutely nothing. Anybody could get a degree.”

    In Vol. 52 page 92 (Leicester, 2006) he says, “We were saying something last night in the house, that university education narrows you, it narrows you up. I'm not really qualified to say that, but I'm absolutely sure of it. So that's why we can say to people, We don't need to go to university, because we want to retain a broad outlook; we don't want to be narrowed up like you are, we want to be broad.”

    In Vol. 54 page 266 (Armadale, 2006) he says, “I was just noticing something of my father's recently, he said he didn't really learn anything when he went to university, but he said, For some period of time, he said, the degree made me proud, or something like that, he said he was proud of the degree. And then he said, I saw through it, and the folly of it.”

    Then in Pocket White Book P521, which Laurie has quoted from, he was still banging on about universities as recently as 26 October 2013.

    To some extent BDH may be a victim of deceit more than a deceiver in his own right. He came heavily under the influence of Symington’s wildly irrational views about electronic devices, and he was also totally under the influence of his father, whose views on universities in later life were bad enough, but not half as bad as his disgraceful methods of enforcing his views, as far as we can judge from BDH’s own words. Here is an extract of Ministry of BDH Vol. 36 page 228-229 (February 2005):

    “I don't think my older brother, eldest brother, would mind me mentioning this, but when the time came, and he was given a scholarship to go to university, '68, I think it was. And he had excelled in all the subjects, and my father had actually got him to drop levels so that he did less than he could have done. But in any case the suggestion came up about university, and he said, Well, I can't stop you going, something like this, I can't stop you going, and I'm against you going. But, he said, if you do go, very soon you'll find there won't be a place for you in this house. And so he just put it straight down the line. That was 1968. There was no hesitation. Well, his oldest son didn't hesitate, he abandoned it immediately. But that would give you some idea of a man standing for the truth. Others were going at the same time, but he wouldn't yield, he wouldn't even let him go in for a lesser course of study that would have got some sort of a degree. So he went back to the lowest level. And he made that stand before he left the high school, so the high school took away his status. That was because the headmaster couldn't have a person attaining at the highest level without going on to university, it was below the standard of the school, so he took it away, took it away from him. But, see, it was a deliverance for him.”

    Now do you see why I use the word “disgraceful”?

  10. Thanks for this Ian. I was in the same place as Daniel(?) at the same time. I, too, to my regret, complied regarding my offer of a place at the LSE