Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Why do Peebeeseesee members always look so glum?


  1. It's hard work being so far above all other earthlings; one has to concentrate hard not to trip over one's own heavenward-pointing nose! I know, 'cos I used to think & be like that (sub-consciously, but the spiritual arrogance was there nonetheless... mixed of course with a delicious dose of what I hoped was suitable Christian humility). No wonder we spent most of our time in public worrying about whether our dichotomies were correctly in place, doh!

    1. Caption Competition:

      Not fair! I wish I were Madeline Ker!

    2. Was Mrs Ker the first member of The Rapid Relief Team to be actively deployed? (to use the latest military jargon from the Oz PBCC Ltd)

  2. They look miserable because they have nothing to look forward to other than the same old same old. Church, cleaning, babies, cooking for huge crowds, etc.

    Just think how fulfilled the "sisters" could be if they were allowed to use some of their God given talents instead of being nothing more than subject little husband pleasers and baby makers.