Tuesday, 15 October 2013

We don't advertise our presence


  1. I would have thought with all the 'high achievers' in the PBCC they would understand what 'hypocrisy' is. What a joke!

  2. "We are open to scrutiny" does NOT mean the HEB/PBCC need to lower themselves to *scrutinise* a dictionary for word meanings' common usage, Wikipeebia. Get a grip! - did you get any A-levels or what?

    For your and others' edification, here is a short HEB dictionary...

    Anti-Christian - against the HEB/PBCC, or even 'for' them but against one or more bits of their dogma or practice.
    Bible - a useful front; a sop for those silly HEB members who actually still care about God stuff; something to hand out at Pie days.
    Charity Commission - a bunch of anti-Christian idiots, influenceable by politicians sledgehammered into submission or near-death by PBCC lobbyists.
    Don't Advertise Our Presence - wear a PBCC RRT hi-viz vest if possible; emblazon PBCC website with terribly charitable selfies & only allow sycophantic comments thereon (unless a sarcastic one slips through that moderator doesn't 'get'.)
    Facebook - a useful tool of the devil that only priestly persons can touch cos they're used to devilish stuff & already fully contaminated.
    Family Matter - a situation totally controlled by HEB in the background (sometimes foreground, if family considered weak).
    Graduate - any old training course taken once a kid has left their HEB high school.
    Grandstanding Paranoia - BDH's obsession with blacked-out Audi convoys, secrecy, private jets, marquee entrances, non-publishable ministry, PBCC-logo'd bullet-proof vests, MI6 checking for mobile phones/recording devices at HEB breakfast tables... (list to be cont'd)
    Love - just a meaningless word that we use a lot 'cos we're a mainstream church & God is Love apparently. Doh.
    Mainstream - us.
    Man of God - HEB leader bloke in white shirt (usually fat), lots of money, revered as an infallible god by HEB/PBCC members altho his wife secretly thinks he's just a pretty shite human being (who has his uses in the PBCC wife Ambition stakes).
    Money - what PBCC all strive for, especially since BDH took over, causing in many cases a complete failure in the ethics & morals of members.
    Mortar Board - something we found on ClipArt; what JTjr/JHS forgot to tell us to piss on if we had any left after pissing on our degrees.
    Open to Scutiny - only until scrutiniser hits the 'radar' level; everything below that is sacred, unseeable, unmentionable, & likely to change at the whim of the MoG.
    Paedophile - someone who needs to "get before the Lord" & thus be completely absolved regardless of true repentance, allowing said paedo to insinuate blame upon his victims; however if caught by the dang Police & jailed, an awful person who must be excommunicated pronto... but then quietly allowed back to the HEB afterwards, if he has plenty of lovely money.
    Religious Trauma Syndrome - it's a family matter; and/or the sufferer was always mentally & morally unstable.
    Social Etiquette & Sensitivity - ehhh...? Never heard of 'em. Preference & prejudice maybe? Midianites? Compromise? Dunno. Pffft.

    This IS the satire site, yes?

  3. Oops, "Graduate" was supposed to read:
    Post-graduate Study - any old training course taken once a kid has left their HEB high school.