Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Unispace (Glowball) London

The Tabard street unholy alliance of razorblade jockeys it would appear are in stiff competition with the Kangley bridge razorblade jockeys in their quest to achieve 'buggers muddle maximus'.

Woodcocks, Hazells, Parsons, Gadsdens and Whileys all whistle whilst they work 'Hales is a twerp'

Frightening revelations of bizarre managerial conduct to follow.......


  1. Why would a non-trading organisation have a flashy London office?

    1. To answer that question you would probably need to understand how the Exclusive Brethren work. While they operate under the banner of a Christian based religious movement, they are actually a complex network of business entities. If you have the time, the will, and the ability, study them - your findings would certainly make a very interesting documentary.

    2. 'Unispace are market leaders in emerging cultures, trends and bring global best practice Architectural Design and Construction Management to each suburban location. The timing of the London showroom launch has been driven by the company’s international client base and its predicted UK growth.

      The Head Quarters Building, purchased freehold, answers the demands of our global Clients and worldwide Partners for innovation, collaboration and coordination throughout Europe.


      I guess we start by finding the legal owner of what must be an asset of considerable value, which Unispace brag about buying outright.

  2. Whistle as you work
    Hales is a twerp
    He's half barmy, so's his family
    Whistle as you work


  3. Title: Unispace is not what they seem…
    Pros: None. I worked at Unispace full-time. People were polite and somewhat nice although clueless about design/construction/interior furnishings. There was no process or software to support the work, everything was tracked manually by using spreadsheets.
    Cons: Management doesn't have a design background or higher education so there is no clear direction (nor do they believe in higher education). It's disorganized and there's no project management or leadership. They lack designers and the skills for the work so they have to fly designers/non-brethren from location to location regularly. They hire people with the skills they are lacking in and pass them off as their own since you work for them. They are constantly changing the name of the company, i.e., legal DBA or a completely different name altogether. Finally to make matters worse, they're purchasing items off the internet and re-selling them at an outrageous margin; they're also boot-legging name brand & proprietary products from smaller aligned dealerships or of their own other Unispace offices in different states. The final nail in the coffin is they have other PB/EB from Canada that purchases bulk containers of less-than-stellar quality furnishings, re-brand it and sell it to the Unispace PB offices. Along the way, they offer customized finishes/options, but fail to meet quality and engineering standards that is found in the major manufacturers’ worldwide.
    Advice to management: Don't parade the company as something other than the truth and don't pass yourself off as a design turn-key operation.